Nicholas Kennedy’s Top 3 Games of 2022

Games critic Nicholas Kennedy shares his personal picks for the Top 3 games of 2022.
Nicholas Kennedy Best of 2022 NORCO Game of the Year

To help look back at the year that was 2022, as part of GamesHub’s Game of the Year festivities we asked a variety of guests to share their fondest game-related memories from the year. In this article, regular GamesHub contributor Nicholas Kennedy gives us his Top 3 games for 2022.


NORCO, the first game from creative team GeographyOfRobots, raises the bar for narrative point-and-click adventure games.

As a portrayal of a place, it is exceptionally detailed and evocative. As an investigation of a mystery, it is unpredictable, vivid, and resonant. As the interrogation of the modern American psyche, it is deeply, overwhelmingly sad.

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Flitting between an unflinching high-beam tour of a population utterly unmoored from reality (and those among them that continue to cling on), and a gorgeous, experimental portrayal of the Louisianan communities that the game’s creators were born out of, NORCO has few equals.

In the realms of original, biographical storytelling in video games, NORCO breathes rarefied air, and envelops players with smoke on the exhale.


No game this year – or in recent memory for that matter – feels as good to play as Webbed. The fact that Sbug Games’ spider simulator nails the fundamental design of their bouncy, physics-based world, while layering on its astoundingly pleasurable movement systems and effortlessly charming bug kingdom means that Webbed is one of the best platformers you can play right now.

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The addition of laser eyes, dedicated dance buttons and musical spider-silk also show that the pursuit of pure, unadulterated joy in game design can still lead to original, fantastical places.


It’s one thing for a game’s attention to detail to impress based on some pre-conceived scale already determined by other games. What Pentiment achieves with world-building, characterisation, and theme, is entirely its own triumph.

An ambitious, wide-ranging, and deeply considered story, Pentiment references historical periods and religious perspectives with a specificity that we just don’t see in games very often. It harnesses them as framing for both a mysterious whodunnit, and one of the most compelling portraits of pre-renaissance Europe you’ll ever play.

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Rendered in a gorgeous period-specific wood-cut printed art style, Pentiment slips itself gracefully into the very layer cake it seeks to portray, creating an astounding, cyclically artistic experience unlike anything you’ll play this year. 

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Nicholas Kennedy is a Melbourne/Naarm based writer and journalist. He has appeared in The Big Issue, Rolling Stone, and STACK Magazine. Follow him at @nickkennedy.