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sims 4 crystal creations stuff pack Taylor Swift reference

The Sims 4: Crystal Creations has a secret Taylor Swift reference

The new Stuff Pack features a cheeky nod to some Taylor Swift lyrics – and no, it's not Bejewelled.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, co-op games to play with your partner

How to play co-op games with your partner (without arguing)

Playing co-op games with your loved one is a great way to spend time together, so long as you don't…

crash team rumble toys for bob sunset

Crash Team Rumble is getting its final update in March 2024

Crash Team Rumble is seemingly heading for the sunset.

Balatro screenshot

Balatro is pushing the roguelike deckbuilder to new territory

From Jokers to Mults, roguelike deckbuilder Balatro is exploring new territories.

humble games coral island key art two farmers cheering

Coral Island 2024 roadmap includes multiplayer, island attractions, and more

Here's what to expect from Coral Island in 2024.

how long to beat final fantasy 7 rebirth

How long is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a hefty game – but how long will it take you to beat it?

multiversus game return 2024

MultiVersus return teased by McDonald's Australia

MultiVersus could be on the way back, per an upcoming McDonald's Australia promotion.

wwe 2k24 season pass dlc characters

WWE 2K24 season pass includes CM Punk, Post Malone, and more

Post Malone joins a long line of surprising guest stars in the WWE 2K series.

crab god chaos theory games

Chaos Theory's Crab God will have a real world environmental impact

Crab God is currently set to release for PC in 2024.

Stardew Valley Update 1.6 New Content Items Secrets

Stardew Valley: Update 1.6 gets March 2024 release date

Stardew Valley's long-awaited 1.6 update finally has a launch date.

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