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The Division Resurgence for mobile

The Division Resurgence revealed as mobile game for iOS and Android

The Division Resurgence sees the third game in Ubisoft's series head to mobiles, with a free-to-play structure.

diablo immortal game

Diablo Immortal reportedly earns Blizzard US $1 million per day

Diablo Immortal is reportedly a huge money earner for Blizzard, which could explain why it persists.

subway surfers tag apple arcade july 2022

Every game coming to Apple Arcade in July 2022

Apple Arcade subscribers are in for a whopping July as the service continues to expand.

nba all world niantic

Pokemon Go developer is making a real world NBA game

NBA All-World is described as a real-world metaverse where basketball brings people together.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

505 Games buys Marvel Puzzle Quest publisher, now owns whole series

The publisher of Marvel Puzzle Quest, D3 Go!, has been acquired by 505 Games in an effort to consolidate the…

Into The Breach Advanced Edition Netflix

Into the Breach gets Advanced Edition, Netflix-exclusive mobile version

The incredible tactical strategy game Into The Breach is getting its major Advanced Edition, and coming to mobile as a…

cooking mama cuisine review

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! review – a delicious distraction

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! presents a lovely twist on the cooking game formula, although its content is currently limited.

diablo immortal microtransactions million

Diablo Immortal has reportedly made US $24 million in two weeks

Microtransactions and a phenomenal player count have led to major success for Blizzard's Diablo Immortal.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis ios Android

Final Fantasy 7 getting remade again, for mobiles, with Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will once again remake the events of Final Fantasy 7 for iOS and Android mobile…

diablo immortal review ios android mobile pc

Diablo Immortal Review - When hell freezes over

Diablo Immortal introduces a slew of new ideas to the action RPG, creating something that's equal parts impressive, baffling, and…

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