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respawn ea harassment

Apex Legends studio Respawn speaks out against developer harassment

The Apex Legends developer has noted a significant uptick in complaints and harassment from players.

Paus 2022 Worlds of Bethesda

Bethesda is hosting a fan 'playground' at PAX Aus 2022

Bethesda will host a major activation at PAX Aus 2022, with fans invited to experience the worlds of Redfall, Starfield,…

High Score Promotional Image

The High Score conference is building game audio from the ground up

Australia’s game audio conference is all about ideas and how to share them.

High Score Promotional Image

Giveaway: Free tickets to High Score 2022 at MIGW

APRA AMCOS is giving GamesHub readers the chance to win complimentary passes to the High Score 2022 conference, both in-person…

rockstar games gta 6 hack

GTA 6 hack: 17-year-old reportedly arrested by London police

Police have reportedly arrested a teenager on suspicion of hacking Rockstar Games and Uber.

Gamer's Guide To Melbourne GamesHub Creative Victoria MIGW

Gamer’s Guide to Melbourne launches ahead of Melbourne International Games Week 2022

The guide provides recommendations for dining, bars and other attractions, with recommendations from local Melbourne game developers.

strangerville sims pax aus

The biggest panels you should see at PAX Aus 2022

There's plenty of excellent panels happening at PAX Australia 2022. Here's a few highlights from GamesHub.

bigmode publisher dunkey

YouTuber 'Dunkey' launches indie game publisher, Bigmode

Content creator Dunkey has announced the launch of a new video game publisher.

Genshin Impact Theorycrafting Mafs

Meta and mathematicians: The world of Genshin Impact theorycrafting

A small subsection of Genshin Impact players are dedicating themselves to learn how to play the game most efficiently: with…

kinder world lumi

Lumi Interactive is working to create a Kinder World

Lumi Interactive is a women-led studio creating wholesome, gamified experiences for more positive mental health.

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