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multiversus preview relaunch

MultiVersus preview – Oh, how I've missed you

MultiVersus is officially set to return on 28 May 2024.

multiversus relaunch 2024 interview

How MultiVersus was rebuilt from the ground up – Interview

MultiVersus system designer Kyle Vigorito spoke to GamesHub about the process of revamping the game.

summer game fest 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024: Full event schedule and showcase roundup

Summer Game Fest returns with a range of blockbuster shows in June 2024. Here's how to tune in.

macabre gameplay preview

Macabre is an upcoming Aussie horror game with monstrous twists

Macabre is an upcoming stealth extraction game where players are haunted by a shapeshifting creature akin to The Thing.

Bridgerton - Netflix – Games like...

6 Bridgerton-style games to secure a love match with

Seeking a match like Colin and Penelope? Here's a few games that have that Bridgerton vibe.

abiotic factor deep field games code

New Zealand's CODE is forging a new future for local game developers

The New Zealand Centre of Digital Excellence aims to foster a more connected, supportive games industry in NZ.

tom the postgirl demo preview

Tom the postgirl preview – Compelling, disturbing, and delightful

Tom the postgirl is a weird little game perfect for those enamoured with the macabre.

nirvana noir gameplay preview

Nirvana Noir preview – An abstract visual feast

Nirvana Noir expands Genesis Noir with explosions of colour, and new forms of storytelling.

wander stars game preview

Wander Stars preview – A smashing homage to Akira Toriyama

Wander Stars is a delightful fighting RPG that owes much to Akira Toriyama in style and approach.

the mermaid mask preview

The Mermaid Mask preview – A spooky Scooby Snack

The Mermaid Mask is shaping up to be a neat little murder mystery.

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