Cult of the Lamb developers share their favourite games of 2022

The team at Massive Monster, developers of Cult of the Lamb, share three of their favourite games from 2022.
Cult of the Lamb Best of 2022 Game of the Year

As part of GamesHub’s Game of the Year 2022 festivities, we’ve invited various game developers to share their favourite games of the year. In this edition, three developers from Massive Monster, the studio behind Cult of the Lamb, share their favourite games.

Massive Monster has had an absolutely massive year, with Cult of the Lamb‘s release making a major impact, selling one million copies in its launch week, as well as winning the team an Australian Game Developer Award, GamesHub’s overall Game of the Year award, and likely several more to come in the new year.

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I instantly fell in love when I first saw Poinpy, it’s just a fun name. POINPY!

It’s also a great lesson on simple game design executed perfectly, wrapped up in personality, quirky art style and a meta progression that keeps you coming back. – Julian Wilton, Creative Director

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is one of my standouts for 2022! I found it has such an addictive meta loop and easy-to-pick-up gameplay. I also love the cute style of all the characters and the detail of the bosses.

Plus, the in-game map is just genius! The game had me hooked within the first 2 minutes! – Harrison Gibbins, Programmer

Vampire Survivors

It features no vampires, and you cannot survive. Move with a single stick and zone out for 30 minutes. It’s the greatest Flash game ever made that wasn’t made in Flash, and a decade later.

You never get what you want from it, but every death is still your fault. – Antony Lavelle, Programmer

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