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lord of the rings gollum

Get a new look at The Lord of the Rings: Gollum this week

Publisher Nacon will share news from 17 upcoming games in a new showcase set for July.

inscryption game rating

Inscryption set for consoles, PS4 version rated in Australia

Inscryption may be set for a wider console release, should a recent Australian Classification Board rating be any indication.

lollipop chainsaw game remake

Lollipop Chainsaw remake set to launch in 2023

Juliet Starling and her zombie-killing ways will return on modern consoles in 2023.

michael jordan nba 2k23

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is the cover star of NBA 2K23

Michael Jordan has 'answered the call' for NBA 2K23, and will once again cover the game.

ape escape horror game ps1 classics
Opinions & Analysis

Time has turned Ape Escape into a PS1 horror show

Clipping, strange textures and areas that lead nowhere have transformed Ape Escape into a modern horror classic.

ps3 playstation 3 repair

Infamous and Sly Cooper deserve sequels, Sucker Punch

Developer Sucker Punch recently confirmed no sequels are currently in the works for Infamous or Sly Cooper.

playstation move ps3 ps5 game

Sony patent hints at PS3 peripheral compatibility for PS5

Classic Sony peripherals like the PlayStation Eye and Move could soon be compatible with PS5.

Skate 4

Play Skate 4 as an early playtester, and you can help shape the game

The developers of Skate 4 are inviting players to help playtest and provide feedback on the game while it's in…

xiii remake

Poorly-received XIII remake is getting a second chance

XIII is getting a second remake, two years after the initial remake tanked with keen players.

return to monkey island rob gilbert

Ron Gilbert, Cory Barlog rail against bullying from video game 'fans'

Ron Gilbert has repeatedly suffered personal attacks over the art style of Return to Monkey Island.

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