The Game Awards 2023: All the news, trailers and announcements

Here's every major trailer and announcement featured during The Game Awards 2023.
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The Game Awards 2023 kicked off December with a bang, as tantalising news, trailers, and announcements for the biggest and most anticipated games of 2024 and beyond were revealed. There was plenty to pour over during this year’s showcase, with heavy-hitters including Supermassive Games, Sega, Don’t Nod, Arkane Lyon, Hello Games, and more popping in for guest appearances – and plenty more besides.

The major reveals of the show were for Arkane Lyon’s Marvel’s Blade, an action-adventure game starring the fan-favourite comic character, as well as Capcom’s Monster Hunter: Wilds, a new entry in the long-running Monster Hunter series, but these weren’t the only eye-catching titles revealed.

Here’s all the biggest news, trailers, and announcements featured at The Game Awards 2023.

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The Game Awards 2023 – News Roundup

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is getting a remake

The Game Awards 2023 kicked off with the reveal of a remake for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which will visually overhaul the original, award-winning tale. It’s coming from Josef Fares (the original creator of the game), Avantgarden Games, and 505 Games – and it launches on 28 February 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Daniel Mullins is making a new puzzle game

Next up were three rapid game reveals.

The first was a new title from Daniel Mullins, the creator of Inscryption. This game is a strange first-person puzzler with 2D game elements, and a sentient arcade machine. It’s called Pony Island 2: Panda Circus, and it’s coming in 2025.

The Rise of the Golden Idol looks very intriguing

The next announcement was a new Netflix game titled The Rise of the Golden Idol. The game’s trailer featured an array of strange objects within an office locale, and plenty of mysteries. It appears to be tied to The Case of the Golden Idol in some fashion, although the art style differs significantly.

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Usual June is a dimensional rift-busting adventure

We also saw a reveal for Usual June, a new ghost-themed game developed by Finji and Sweet Baby. It features a young woman exploring a mysterious location that appears to be struck by dimensional rifts. In the course of her adventure, this hero will explore purple-hued locales, and uncover strange beings.

Harmonium: The Musical features a gorgeous musical journey

Next up, Harmonium: The Musical was revealed, from The Odd Gentlemen. In this adventure game, which stars multiple deaf characters and a young deaf girl as the main protagonist, players will learn to harness music in an “accessible” journey. The game looks beautiful, and features an original soundtrack, magical creatures, and neat-looking locales. It’s coming to Netflix Games and Xbox Game Pass.

Windblown is a new roguelike from the creators of Dead Cells

This was followed by a reveal for Windblown, a gory fighting adventure game from Motion Twin, the creators of Dead Cells. It appears this will be a roguelike, with players (in teams of three) romping through neon environments to defeat enemies, become stronger, and harness new abilities.

It’s coming to PC in early access, in 2024.

Thrasher is a follow-up to Thumper coming in 2024

Next up, Thrasher was announced, a surreal experience from the team behind Thumper. This game depicts ominous, dreamlike environments much like Thumper, though the mechanics appear to be more freeform, and free of the “track” that existed in that game. It’s likely to capitalise on the freeform movement of VR.

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Dave the Diver is getting a Dredge crossover expansion

Dave the Diver and Dredge are crossing over! As revealed at The Game Awards 2023, Dave the Driver is getting a Dredge-themed expansion on 15 December 2023.

World of Goo 2 announced with funky new trailer

Next up, we had the world premiere for World of Goo 2, sequel to the popular indie game. It looks just as delightful as the original, with plenty of opportunities for experimentation with goo, and unique puzzle-solving. It’s coming in 2024.

Metaphor: ReFantazio gets a new trailer

To conclude the “pre-show” portion of The Game Awards, Atlus and Studio Zero revealed a new trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio, an epic fantasy game with real-time battling and plenty of monsters. It featured exploration through a medieval kingdom, and plenty of weapon-based battles. It launches in Autumn 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].

Exodus is a space fantasy game starring Matthew McConaughey

To kick off The Game Awards proper, actor Matthew McConaughey turned up to announce Exodus from Archetype Entertainment, a game where he stars as a major character who will form intriguing relationships with the player character. It appears to be a fantasy space adventure starring humans fighting against aliens in third-person skirmishes. It does not currently have a launch date.

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God of War Ragnarok is getting a free roguelike DLC

Next up, PlayStation Studios announced God of War Ragnarok – Valhalla with a mysterious trailer that began with a chair sunken into the ocean. This is a new roguelike mode for God of War Ragnarok, and it will be free for all existing game owners. It arrives on 12 December 2023.

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House House’s next game is set in the Australian bush

Following this was a new game from House House, the Aussie creators of Untitled Goose Game. It’s called Big Walk, and it will feature tiny little people wandering through the Australian bush, completing a variety of tasks. The game looks adorable, and it’s coming in 2025.

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At the end of this reveal, a new story trailer for Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown was revealed. This game launches on 15 January 2024. A free demo will be available four days beforehand, on 11 January 2024. Lego Fortnite also got a gameplay trailer revealing its survival-adventure mechanics, and its many characters.

This was followed by a live performance from the soundtrack of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 got a release window

A trailer for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 swiftly followed the musical performance, with a new look at the gorgeous, gloomy adventure. Developer Ninja Theory has been hard at work on this game over the last few years, and we’re finally getting to see more of those efforts.

The trailer featured Senua wandering through a dark forest, battling mythical warriors, and encountering much turmoil. Finally, we have a release window for the game – it launches in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Ikumi Nakamura introduces Kemuri

Ikumi Nakamura then popped up with great enthusiasm to reveal a trailer for Kemuri, a new game set in Japan, featuring a group of heroes with dazzling moves and weapons. It’s being worked on by developer Unseen, but it’s unclear what kind of game it is right now.

Private Division reveals No Rest for the Wicked

Next up, Private Division introduced No Rest for the Wicked from Moon Studios (Ori), a new medieval/pirate adventure with a haunting soundtrack. The game’s moody trailer revealed a cast of regal characters, all at the mercy of some strange magical forces. The adventure is played in top-down mode, and features bloody action combat. More details are arriving on 1 March 2024.

Sega announces fresh energy for the new year

This was followed by a world premiere trailer from Sega which announced the company would have new energy going forward. This includes new games in development: Jet Set Radio (remake), Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Streets of Rage and “more.”

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Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero announced

Bandai Namco was up next, with the gameplay reveal for the next Dragon Ball fighting game, subtitled Sparking! Zero. As with past games in the series, it features plenty of major battles and fan-favourite characters. Stay tuned for more details.

Supermassive and Behaviour Interactive announce Dead by Daylight: The Casting of Frank Stone

Changing track slightly, the next game was the newly-announced Dead By Daylight horror spin-off developed by Supermassive Games. This first trailer featured spooky supernatural happenings, creepy-looking characters, and a haunting soundtrack. It’s described as a “cinematic” horror adventure and will be a single-player game.

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Square Enix’s Mana series returns with Visions of Mana

This was followed by a trailer for Visions of Mana, a new game in the popular, long-running Mana franchise from Square Enix. It launches in 2024.

Rise of the Rōnin gets a new trailer

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja appeared next, with a sweeping new trailer for Rise of the Rōnin. It featured a samurai warrior traversing various locations, including what appears to be a colonial town. It launches on 22 March 2024 for PlayStation consoles.

OD gets an official trailer

Rōnin was followed by the premiere trailer for Overdose aka OD, from Hideo Kojima. The trailer revealed a number of actors featured in the game, including Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier, all of whom recited a strange poem and/or screamed.

It’s described as an “innovative” and “groundbreaking” game made in partnership with Xbox Game Studios. It’s a movie, but a game, but a new form of media, apparently. Also, filmmaker Jordan Peele is on board – he appeared in a dramatic puff of smoke during the game announcement.

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Jurassic Park: Survival expands the film series

This was followed by an announcement for a new Jurassic Park game, titled Jurassic Park: Survival. The game’s cinematic trailer featured dinosaurs running through Isla Nublar causing absolute chaos, while a scientists ducks and runs for cover. It appears to be an adventure game with a first-person viewpoint.

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First look at Rocket Racing revealed

Next up, the team at Psyonix revealed a trailer for Rocket Racing, a neon-infused racing game coming to Fortnite. The game showed two racers zipping along a track in vehicles, diving through waterfalls, and deploying various tools and abilities to gain an advantage. It launches on 8 December 2023.

Black Myth: Wukong launches in August 2024

Right afterwards, a new trailer for Black Myth: Wukong aired. This game features gorgeous ancient scenery and strange demons inspired by Chinese mythology and the legend of the Monkey King. The game launches on 20 August 2024.

This was followed by a new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which releases on 2 February 2024.

Warframe: Whispers in the Walls gets a sleek trailer

After a brief introduction, Warframe: Whispers in the Walls was revealed. This game expansion features plenty of space warfare, spooky creatures, and guns – lots of guns. It launches on 13 December 2024.

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A snazzy trailer for the upcoming Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden then aired. This game, starring two supernatural hunters (one alive, one ghostly) continues to look absolutely gorgeous. It launches on 13 February 2024.

Abubakar Salim introduces Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Actor Abubakar Salim was up next to introduce Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, an EA Originals game starring a young hero who grieves the loss of his father, and then bargains with an immortal to save him from death. The adventure looks stunning, and features deep themes of grief. It launches on 23 April 2024.

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Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is a new game from Don’t Nod

Next up, a 1990s-set adventure from Don’t Nod, the creators of Life is Strange, appeared. This game is Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, an adventure starring four women who encounter a strange something in the woods as children – and then revisit it 27 years later. It launches in 2024.

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The First Berserker: Khazan is a Soulslike combat adventure

This was followed swiftly by a dark trailer for The First Berserker: Khazan, a hack-and-slash adventure game starring a brutal warrior facing off against monsters and other beings. It looks vaguely anime-like in style, and appears to feature Souls-like combat with well-timed dodges needed to survive.

New Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth footage shown

This was followed by a lovely performance from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, accompanied by new footage revealing looks at every main game character, including Zack Fair (and Aerith standing in for the musical performer). As a reminder, the game launches on 29 February 2024.

That wasn’t all Geoff Keighley had to show for Final Fantasy fans, as Final Fantasy gear is also coming to Apex Legends in future. Following this, a new location and character for Honkai: Star Rail. A new trailer for Skull & Bones also aired, confirming a previously announced release date of 16 February 2024.

Arkane Lyon is working on a Blade game

Next up, Bethesda announced a new game from Arkane Lyon – it’s Marvel’s Blade. Wow. This trailer began in a barber shop, before an air raid siren sounded, and Blade aka Eric Brooks, revealed his dhampir teeth, and sat up. It’s described as a single-player, third-person action-adventure game.

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Twisted Metal is getting a second season

Anthony Mackie appeared following this trailer to reveal the surprisingly excellent Twisted Metal TV series is getting a second season.

The Last Sentinel announced by Rockstar Games veteran

Steve C. Martin, a Rockstar Games veteran, then appeared to introduce the next project from Lightspeed LA. It appears to be a futuristic sci-fi tale about a world where the police rule a world of robots with their own robotic paramilitary forces. In this world, “The Demon” is a savour of helpless people – and this demon is a female warrior with sleek combat skills. This is Last Sentinel.

The First Descendant is a sci-fi adventure with towering enemies

Following this, a trailer for another futuristic game was revealed, with this game starring a female warrior in a robotic suit fighting against a towering beast using Attack on Titan-like zip-wire ballet moves. This is The First Descendant, and it’s coming in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].

HoYoverse then appeared again, with a new trailer for Zenless Zone Zero, the studio’s latest anime-style adventure game. A new Gundam-like game also appeared, with plenty of mech-on-mech fighting action, and explosive first-person gunplay. This was Mecha BREAK, and it offers multiplayer skirmishes between dozens of players.

After these rapid fire announcements, David Harewood introduced an incredible performance of Herald of Darkness from Alan Wake 2. Genuinely incredible. Please watch this when you get the chance.

10 Chambers is working on a cooperative heist game

Following this, multiplayer horror survival game GTFO appeared with a new trailer. It’s getting a free weekend, but that’s not all – 10 Chambers creative director Ulf Andersson also appeared to announce a new game from the studio, titled Den of Wolves. It’s a cooperative heist game set in a futuristic world, but not much else was revealed about it.

This was followed by a trailer for Exoborne, a new game featuring a protagonist in a high-tech suit (which appears to be a theme for this year’s Game Awards). This time around, it was a man wearing the suit – and he faced off with a large warrior, before being helped by a woman in a similar suit.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 got a new trailer

Upcoming VR adventure Asgard’s Wrath 2 also got a new trailer at The Game Awards 2023, with this showing off bright combat, terrible beasts, and figures from ancient Norse mythology, including Loki – one of the main antagonists. The game launches on 15 December 2023.

This was followed by a trailer for Amazon’s Falllout TV adaptation, as well as an appearance from the main cast – including the legendary Walton Goggins. Everybody loves Walton Goggins.

Hello Games is working on a new multiplayer title, Light No Fire

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games was up next to discuss the future of the studio – and a brand new game set to run alongside No Man’s Sky. It’s reportedly been in development for five years, and features multiplayer adventures through “open-world planets.”

It’s called Light No Fire, and it looks pretty gorgeous. In the game, you’ll be able to wander through colourful planets with friends, gather resources, build shelters, ride or fight beasts, and discover a variety of wild terrains.

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Simu Liu features in Frost Giant’s Stormgate

Following this, actor Simu Liu appeared to reveal he will voice a character in Stormgate, the new RTS game from Frost Giant Studios. The new trailer for the game promised a coming storm, plenty of nasty creatures, and waves of enemies in isometric skirmish battles. It’s coming to Steam Early Access in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].

Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide revealed

Square Enix was up next to announce Echoes of the Fallen, a new expansion for Final Fantasy XVI. It appears to focus on a mysterious “defence system” powered by magic crystals, and will put Clive and his pals through new trials and tribulations. Echoes of the Fallen is out tonight.

The Rising Tide is another upcoming expansion for the game, and it seems to feature a whole new world. It’s coming in Spring 2024 [Northen Hemisphere].

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Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus Mode launches in December 2023

As an aside after receiving the Game Award for Best Game Direction, the Remedy Entertainment team announced Alan Wake 2 is getting its New Game Plus mode on 11 December 2023 – in just a few days. It’s free for everyone who owns the game.

This was followed by a new trailer for The Finals, an upcoming multiplayer skirmish game. Season one kicks off tonight.

Monster Hunter: Wilds announced by Capcom

The final trailer of the show was for Monster Hunter: Wilds. This trailer kicked off in a desert scape where a lone hero riding a creature attempts to escape a giant sandstorm with his life intact. This sequel is a sweeping action-adventure game with plenty of opportunity to travel gorgeous lands, fight monsters and hunt for treasures. It launches in 2025. Capcom will reveal more information in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].

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You can watch The Game Awards 2023 on YouTube.

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