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final fantasy 7 remake part 2

Square Enix wants to make 'story-focused' NFTs

Square Enix remains positive about blockchain tech, and how it can aid the creation of story-based NFTs.

gods unchained game

Immutable and Chaos Theory discuss the future of blockchain in games

Immutable and Chaos Theory Games recently discussed the future of blockchain in a webinar, and exactly how far the technology…

square enix blockchain games

Square Enix president doubles down on blockchain gaming

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda reportedly wants to push forward with blockchain games, despite widespread backlash.

take-two ceo nfts zynga

Zynga blockchain chief says its NFT games likely won't be 'deep'

Zynga's blockchain chief has described plans for upcoming NFT games, and talked about what makes them 'fun'.

rabbids the sandbox blockchain

Ubisoft's Rabbids join blockchain game The Sandbox

Ubisoft has teamed up with blockchain game The Sandbox to create Rabbids 'experiences' in the metaverse.

play to earn square enix
Opinions & Analysis

Play-to-earn gaming is complete bullshit

It's claimed that 'play-to-earn' gaming will be the next big industry trend. Desperate, capitalistic adults are the only ones saying…

konami square enix nfts
Opinions & Analysis

Why are video game companies doubling down on NFTs?

The backlash against NFTs and use of the blockchain is vocal and prolific. So why are companies like Square Enix…

ubisoft nfts blockchain

Ubisoft announces NFT project 'Quartz' for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft is launching a new line of in-game cosmetics for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, using NFTs built on the blockchain.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, voices caution over exploitative NFTs

Xbox boss voices caution over 'exploitative' NFTs and blockchain games

Phil Spencer expresses concern about the exploitative nature of NFTs, the blockchain, and how they might impact Xbox.

square enix nfts

Square Enix doubles down on commitment to NFTs

Square Enix has doubled down on its commitment to NFTs.

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