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New South Wales

Torrens University Australia

Diploma of Design

A Diploma of Design lets you a sample a range of specialist areas within design, such as graphic design, digital design, video production, interior design and fashion. It builds a foundation in the design industry, typically over one year of full-time study, with guidance from industry professionals and collaboration with other students. A Diploma of Design provides accreditation for either further study or a career in the design field.
While building valuable design experience and technical know-how, you will also collaborate in dynamic learning environments and design studios, exploring such topics as client needs, problem solving and the nature of trends. The Diploma of Design has been developed to provide a broad sample of different design specialities for people with or without a background in design. Our extensive selection of elective courses give you an introduction to topic areas such as Branded Fashion Design, Communication Design, Digital Media Design, Interior Design, and Game Design and Development. This design diploma provides full credit as a pathway into the more advanced courses, so you can specialise and choose your direction after sampling everything the Diploma of Design has to offer.

Learning outcomes

  • Build a foundation of general knowledge that will serve you across all disciplines.
  • Work with an array of media and tools in a range of styles.
  • Experiment to discover your own personal design aesthetic.
  • Discover the specific areas of design you wish to pursue further in your study.