Hello Kitty Island Adventure – Cooking Recipes Guide

Need a hint on some of the recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? We'll help you get cooking.
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Apple Arcade Cooking Recipes Guide

Hello Kitty Island Adventure on Apple Arcade has become one of 2023’s most surprising releases, full of breezy exploration, amusing quests, and plenty of charming Sanrio characters to befriend. But to befriend those characters, you’ll have to shower them with gifts, which usually involves feeding them food you can cook using recipes and various stations around the island.

These stations range from ovens to cauldrons to espresso machines, and many of the best gifts for each Hello Kitty Island Adventure character need to be specifically prepared to their liking – though you’ll actually need to get the friendship ball rolling with low-level gifts to unlock some of these cooking stations in the first place.

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Regardless, when you unlock the ability to cook various foodstuffs, many of the recipes will be obscured, requiring you to experiment with the precious ingredients you’ve picked up during your travels, and just see what happens.

Later on in the game, some of the ingredients won’t be as plentiful as others – especially things like Cinna Blooms and Fizzy Crystals – so you’d be forgiven for wanting to make sure you don’t waste them on something you can’t get good use out of. Please enjoy this guide to all the cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, sorted by cooking station.

Note: This guide will be updated and expanded as we come across more recipe options.

Hello Kitty Cafe – Oven

Cinnamon BreadFlour + Magma Bloom
Flour + Cinna Bloom
Tofu BreadFlour + Tofu
Chocolate BallsFlour + Chocolate Coin
MacaronFlour + Toasted Almond
Mama’s Apple PieFlour + Apple
Pineapple Stack CakeFlour + Pineapple
Pumpkin PieFlour + Pumpkin
Strawberry ShortcakeFlour + Strawberry
Sugarkelp CakesFlour + Sugarkelp
Milk BreadFlour + Coral Milk
PastryFlour + Candy Cloud
Veggie BreadFlour + Spinip
Sakura CakeFlour + Sakura
CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese
Red Bow Apple PieFlour + Apple + Magma Bloom
Beignets with Pineapple DipFlour + Pineapple + Candy Cloud
Cinnamon Roll Flour + Candy Cloud + Magma Bloom
Volcano CakeFlour + Chocolate Coin + Magma Bloom
Spooky CakeFlour + Swampmallow + Pumpkin
Strawberry Almond GaletteFlour + Strawberry + Toasted Almond
Cinnamon RollFlour + Cinna Bloom + Candy Cloud
Almond Pound CakeFlour + Toasted Almond + Candy Cloud
Chocolate CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Chocolate Coin
Pumpkin CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Pumpkin
Purple CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Spinip
Sakura CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Sakura
Strawberry CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Strawberry
Turtle CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Toasted Almonds
Spiced CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Cinna Bloom
Flour + Moon Cheese + Magama Bloom
Fruity CheesecakeFlour + Moon Cheese + Starfruit
Flour + Moon Cheese + Banana
Flour + Moon Cheese + Pineapple
Flour + Moon Cheese + Apple

Mount Hothead – Pizza Oven

Alfredo PizzaDough + Coral Milk
Dessert PizzaDough + Sugarkelp
Dough + Candy Cloud
Dough + Swampmallow
Fruit PizzaDough + Strawberry
Dough + Apple
Dough + Banana
Pineapple PizzaDough + Pineapple
Spicy PizzaDough + Cinna Bloom
Dough + Magma Bloom
Toasty PizzaDough + Toasted Almond
Tofu PizzaDough + Tofu
Veggie PizzaDough + Pumpkin
Dough + Spinip
PizzaDough + Chocolate Coin
Dough + Sakura
Three Cheese PizzaDough + Moon Cheese
Spinip Alfredo PizzaDough + Spinip + Coral Milk
Everything PizzaDough + Spinip + Tofu
Ultimate Joke PizzaDough + Pineapple + Tofu
Quattro Fromaggio PizzaDough + Moon Cheese + Coral Milk

Dessert Boat – Ice Cream Maker

Apple Ice CreamCactus Cream + Apple
Banana Ice CreamCactus Cream + Banana
Chocolate Ice CreamCactus Cream + Chocolate Coin
Cinna Ice CreamCactus Cream + Cinna Bloom
Magma PuddingCactus Cream + Magma Bloom
Strawberry Ice CreamCactus Cream + Strawberry
Sweet PuddingCactus Cream + Candy Cloud
Cactus Cream + Sugarkelp
Cactus Cream + Swampmallow
Tofu PuddingCactus Cream + Tofu
PuddingCactus Cream + Coral Milk
Pumpkin PuddingCactus Cream + Pumpkin
Purple PuddingCactus Cream + Spinip
Sakura PuddingCactus Cream + Sakura
Vanilla ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle
Cheese Ice CreamCactus Cream + Moon Cheese
Boulder Bits Ice CreamCactus Cream + Chocolate Coin + Swampmallow
Mama’s PuddingCactus Cream + Coral Milk + Banana
Pink Clouds Ice CreamCactus Cream + Candy Cloud + Sakura
Chocolate Pineapple PuddingCactus Cream + Pineapple + Chocolate Coin
Banana ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + Banana
Chocolate ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + Chocolate Coin
Strawberry ShakeCactus Cream + Snowcicle + Strawberry
Starry Skies Shake Cactus Cream + Snowcicle + Starfruit

Comedy Club + Hello Kitty Cafe – Espresso Machine

Candied Banana CoffeeCandlenut + Banana + Candy Cloud
Spicy Pumpkin LatteCandlenut + Pumpkin + Cinna Bloom
CappuccinoCandlenut + Coral Milk
ChaiCandlenut + Magma Bloom
Candlenut + Cinna Bloom
Chocolate ChaiCandlenut + Chocolate Coin + Magma Bloom
Candlenut + Chocolate Coin + Cinna Bloom
Hot CocoaCandlenut + Chocolate Coin + Coral Milk
MochaCandlenut + Chocolate Coin
Pink LatteCandlenut + Strawberry
Candlenut + Sakura
Purple LatteCandlenut + Spinip
Sweet LatteCandlenut + Sugarkelp
Candlenut + Candy Cloud
Candlenut + Swampmallow
Toasted Almond CoffeeCandlenut + Toasted Almond
Confusing CoffeeCandlenut + Moon Cheese
FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle
Molten FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle + Magma Bloom
Sakura FrappeCandlenut + Snowcicle + Sakura

Gemstone Town – Soda Machine

Pochacco Energy PopFizzy Crystal + Tofu + Spinip
Pumpkin Spice SodaFizzy Crystal + Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin
Pineapple Lava SodaFizzy Crystal + Pineapple + Magma Bloom
Surprising SodaFizzy Crystal + Spinip + Toasted Almond
Apple SodaFizzy Crystal + Apple
Banana SodaFizzy Crystal + Banana
Strawberry SodaFizzy Crystal + Strawberry
Tropical SodaFizzy Crystal + Pineapple
Fiery SodaFizzy Crystal + Cinna Bloom
Fizzy Crystal + Magma Bloom
Fizzy Crystal + Toasted Almond
Sweet SodaFizzy Crystal + Candy Cloud
Fizzy Crystal + Swampmallow
Fizzy Crystal + Sugarkelp
Cream SodaFizzy Crystal + Coral Milk
Swampy SodaFizzy Crystal + Pumpkin
Fizzy Crystal + Spinip
Sakura SodaFizzy Crystal + Sakura
Joke SodaFizzy Crystal + Tofu

Spooky Swamp Witch’s Hut – Potion Cauldron

Deep Diving PotionGlow Berry + Sugarkelp
Stamina Recharge PotionGlow Berry + Apple
Speedy Walking PotionGlow Berry + Tofu
Speedy Swimming PotionGlow Berry + Swampmallow
Thermal PotionGlow Berry + Magma Bloom

Cloud Island – Cloud Candy Maker

Fall CloudCandy Cloud + Pumpkin
Pink CloudCandy Cloud + Sakura
Candy Cloud + Strawberry
Sweet CloudCandy Cloud + Swampmallow
Candy Cloud + Sugarkelp
Tropical CloudCandy Cloud + Pineapple
Fruity CloudCandy Cloud + Banana
Candy Cloud + Apple
Candy Cloud + Starfruit
Spiced CloudCandy Cloud + Magma Bloom
Candy Cloud + Cinna Bloom
Cheese CloudCandy Cloud + Moon Cheese
Toasted Marshmallow CloudCandy Cloud + Toasted Almond + Swampmallow

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is out now for iOS devices via Apple Arcade, an AUD $7.99/month subscription service offering a range of great mobile games for download and play.

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