Supermassive’s Dead by Daylight spin-off gets spooky new trailer

The Casting of Frank Stone is currently set to launch later in 2024.
the casting of frank stone

Supermassive Games has built a reputation for producing great, cinematic horror games over the last few years, with titles including Until Dawn and The Quarry cementing its prowess. Now, it’s turning focus to a new avenue for horror: a spin-off of multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, known as The Casting of Frank Stone.

Over the last few weeks, an array of fresh “radio report” trailers for the impending adventure have revealed new lore and details of the game’s world, teasing a dark, haunted town locale, and plenty of horrors waiting in the shadows.

Early radio teasers featured news reports of murders and other strange happenings in the mysterious town of Cedar Hills. The latest radio broadcast, released via YouTube, tells of a fire burning down a family home, with two lives lost. It seems Cedar Hills can’t catch a break, and that this town will have a pall of fear and trauma cast over it, as players explore its many roads.


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As previously announced, The Casting of Frank Stone follows a group of young friends who enter Cedar Hills and discover the grim legacy of Frank Stone, a mysterious figure with a “blood-soaked legacy” that leaves “scars across families, generations, and the very fabric of reality itself.” It appears Stone’s crimes were so bad, they’ve spawned “horrors beyond comprehension” and lucky for you, they’re now yours to contend with.

The cast of the game will attempt to deal with this legacy one horror at a time, making choices in their quest that will reshape reality, and potentially lead to irreversible deaths – much like the choices of Until Dawn and The Quarry. For those familiar with the world of Dead by Daylight, the game will also flesh out the darkness and magic of this multiplayer survival game, layering in new chapters of lore.

Supermassive Games has been relatively quiet about The Casting of Frank Stone over the last few months – potentially as a result of layoffs impacting studio staff – but it appears to be gearing up for fresh news, likely around Summer Game Fest. In the meantime, we can expect to hear more “news” reports from Cedar Hills, as the mysteries around the town and its haunted nature grow. Keep an eye out for the latest update.

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