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Hades 2 is now available in early access

Hades 2 is now available for early access play on PC.
Hades 2 early access gameplay

Supergiant Games’ Hades 2 has surprise-launched in early access, with all players on PC now able to purchase and play the much-anticipated sequel. While it was known that Hades 2 was targeting launch in 2024, an exact release date had not been announced, making its sudden drop a very welcome one for keen players.

In Hades 2, you take the role of Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld and sister to Zagreus, as she attempts to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time, across multiple roguelike rounds of combat. Like Zagreus, she’s caught in a loop of trampling Hell and Tartarus, levelling up, dying, and then repeating the process to become stronger and more agile.

The game is expected to be in early access at least until the end of 2024, and possibly after, as Supergiant integrates player feedback and refines its rougher edges. It appears the game already has complete loops to traverse, but the studio is keen to “include a more-complete, more-polished set of features and content” in the final version of the game.

A true ending will also be added, to put a cap on the entire experience.

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Over the coming months, Supergiant will work on a number of updates for the game, adding in some of these new features, as well as patches to address any issues that arise. Later this year, the game is also expected to get a “Major Update” with significant new content.

Even without these updates, it sounds like Hades 2 is in a good place. It’s been in the works for three years, and is far enough along that the developer feels players “could have a good experience right away.”

While “it isn’t complete, and key areas, characters, foes, narrative events, and systems are still to come” it seems there’s plenty in Hades 2 that will keep players busy until the game’s major updates land, and the true ending is added.

Those keen to jump in early and experience everything Hades 2 has to offer can now purchase the game in early access via Steam and The Epic Games Store.

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