Wholesome Direct officially returns on 8 June

This year's Wholesome Direct will feature over 70 games from developers around the world.
wholesome direct june 2024

Wholesome Games has locked in a Wholesome Direct online showcase for 8 June 2024, with over 70 games set to feature. The latest Direct will be a cosy alternative to the bombast of Summer Game Fest, with quieter and more calming vibes.

As the announcement goes, this year’s show will be “bursting with indie flavour,” and feature “a vibrant lineup of artistic, uplifting, and emotionally resonant games from developers of all sizes from around the world!” In past years, Wholesome Direct has spotlighted an array of awesome-looking games, including plenty of Australian-made adventures.

Standouts from the Wholesome Direct 2023 showcase included Mineko’s Night Market, Sticky Business, Henry Halfhead, A Tiny Sticker Tale, Unpacking, Tiny Bookshop, Wood & Weather, and Go-Go Town! but there was much more besides these games.

Typically, the Wholesome Direct is a great opportunity to get a glimpse at the brightest indie games of the future, and it’s a great wishlist-stuffer for Steam users.

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In the weeks ahead, we expect to see indie game developers announcing their appearances for the show. Regardless of what’s featured, you can near-guarantee the announced games will bring warm, cosy vibes that are most welcome in the modern games landscape.

How to watch Wholesome Direct 2024

As announced, the latest Wholesome Direct will air on 8 June 2024, depending on your local time zone. Here’s how the timing works out around the world:

  • Australia – 2:00 am AEST | 1:30 am ACST | 12:00 am AWST (9 June)
  • New Zealand – 4:00 am NZST (9 June)
  • United States – 9:00 am PT | 12:00 pm ET (8 June)
  • United Kingdom – 5:00 pm BST | 6:00 pm CET (8 June)

As usual, the show will be live on all the Wholesome Direct social channels, including YouTube and Twitch. You can now sign up to be alerted for when the show is live, otherwise, stay tuned for the latest news and announcements from this Wholesome Direct, and every other Summer Game Fest show.

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