Street Fighter 6 World Tour Guide – Best Gifts for Each Character

The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 involves befriending characters, and that means giving them presents. Here are the best ones to give each person.
Street Fighter 6 character gift guide

Street Fighter 6 is a wonderful new entry in the storied fighting game series, with a refined fighting system, and a slew of new features for newcomers and veterans alike. Among those is the World Tour mode, a single-player adventure that sees you train under iconic Street Fighter characters, and even make friends with them along the way. One key aspect of forging your friendships is giving gifts to each character.

Why do I need to give Street Fighter 6 characters gifts?

Upon taking up a mentorship with an individual Street Fighter character in World Tour, the strength of your bond is measured with two meters: the Style Meter and the Bond Meter.

The Style Meter dictates how much of that character’s fighting moveset you can adopt as part of your own custom repertoire, and is increased naturally by using their style in fights, as well as fighting other citizens who are students of that style.

Street Fighter 6 best gifts for characters

The Bond Meter is a little different. Increasing Bond will boost your friendship with the character, and give you more insight into their backstory, increase the frequency of their text messages to you, and unlock nice pieces of art along the way.

Most importantly, raising a character’s Bond level to 100 will unlock their alternative costume in the Fighting Ground and Battle Hub modes.

There are only a few ways to raise the bond meter, and you’ll need to do them all if you want to get to 100. They involve completing friendship missions and giving gifts. But of course, each character likes certain gifts more than others.

Where do I get gifts?

There are two ways to obtain gifts.

The first and most hassle-free is to purchase them from food vendors and merchants, who you can find around the map in both Metro City and Nayshall, as well as in each international mini-location you can travel to via the World Map. Each vendor will have a different selection of gifts on sale.

They’re admittedly a little obscured if you’re talking to a food vendor – you’ll have to shift tabs to the ‘takeaway’ portion (R1 or RB, if you’re using a controller) to find what’s on offer.

The second way is to earn them from the random battles you can take part in around the map. Some fighters have gifts on offer (marked by an obvious ‘birthday present’ icon), if you meet certain conditions during the fight, and win. You can check these conditions with the Triangle or Y button before you get into a fight with someone, or from the Pause menu during a battle.

What are the best gifts for each Street Fighter 6 character?

There are a lot of different gifts you can obtain within Street Fighter 6 World Tour, but only a select few have a major impact. Several gifts, like Gift Cards, K.O. Gum, and Calendars are generic, and will only raise a character’s bond meter by 1 or 2 points.

Each individual Street Fighter 6 character has one specific gift that they really love (or in some cases, love to hate), and these will raise their bond meter by 5 points. These are the items you want to collect and keep for that special someone, to maximise their bond meter with the least effort.

Here’s a list of who likes what.

CharacterFavourite GiftPurchase Location
RyuInstant SobaMetro City – Shopkeeper Udon
Chun-LiCanned HerringNayshall – Commerce Plaza
LukeRed Elevator 8Jamaica
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerJamaica
KimberlyThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveJamaica
E. HondaRubber DuckiesItaly
BlankaKnock Off Blanka-Chan DollJamaica
DhalsimInstant Curry (Ultra Mild)Nayshall – Central Bazaar
Dee JayLukewarm BeerBrazil
MarisaCold Tomato SoupFrance
ZangiefWooden BearRussia
LilyCelery ChipsJamaica
CammyJellied EelJamaica
JPAntique Playing CardsJamaica
RashidJunk DiscRandom drop from fights (Try Azam’s students)
A.K.I.FanDrop from fight (Defeat Ioannis in China with A.K.I.’s style)

Unique Quest Character Gifts

In addition to the regular gifts, you’ll also come across a few one-off, unique gifts that are designed to be given to certain characters. These will raise someone’s friendship bond by a whopping 40 points.

Don’t worry about doing the wrong thing with them, because they can only be given to the character they’re meant for – they’ll be greyed out if it’s not meant to be.

These items are typically obtained as rewards from Friendship Quests, which are given when you reach Level 18 in someone’s Style Meter.

Here are all the pairings you’ll need.

CharacterGiftWhere to Obtain
RyuJapanese SweetsReward for Retsu’s Side Mission
JuriPricey CheckReward for Manon’s Friendship Mission
BlankaLocketReward for Lily’s Friendship Mission
E. HondaTiramisu BobaReward for Cammy’s Friendship Mission
ManonCommemorative MedalReward for Zangief’s Friendship Mission
ZangiefWeightsReward for Marisa’s Friendship Mission
CammyNeco Acrylic KeychainReward for Chun-Li’s Friendship Mission
Chun-LiCitrus PerfumeReward for Juri’s Friendship Mission
DhalsimSupreme Instant CurryReward for E. Honda’s Friendship Mission
LilyGummy CaterpillarReward for Kimberly’s Friendship Mission
KenSkateboard KeychainReward for Jamie’s Friendship Mission
LukeStrawberry Fight 6Reward for Ken’s Friendship Mission
MarisaLion NecklaceReward for Guile’s Friendship Mission
JamieQuestionable Energy DrinkReward for Blanka’s Friendship Mission
KimberlyVintage EarbudsReward for Dee Jay’s Friendship Mission
GuileCoffee MillReward for Dhalsim’s Friendship Mission
Dee JayHeartBeatBBReward for Luke’s Friendship Mission
RashidSushi Memory StickReward for completing the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium Martial Arts Tournament Side Mission
JPAbsurd CheckReward given during Suval’hal Arena Throwdown Sub Mission
A.K.I.Japanese HorseradishReward for completing the Secret Sentient Sidequest Sub Mission (SiRN Tower, Day)

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