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Killer Frequency game review

Killer Frequency Review - Hold The Line

You're radio DJ trying to save lives in a game that deftly balances tense thrills and campiness for a unique…

summon quest apple arcade april 2023

Every game coming to Apple Arcade in April 2023

Apple Arcade is getting three new Arcade Originals in April 2023, including a wild Doctor Who spin-off.

DREDGE review

DREDGE review - An inescapable siren song

Dredge is a mysterious fishing adventure that is menacing, unnerving, and utterly compelling.

moving out 2 smg studio team17

Australian hit Moving Out is getting a major sequel

Moving Out 2 is official, and it plans to go much bigger than its predecessor with new moves, new tech,…

climate replay anti-nft pledge

Game devs and publishers are signing an anti-NFT pledge

As large studios double down in the NFT space, indie developers and publishers are taking a stance against the technology.

moving out best party games

Moving Out has hit one million copies sold since 2020

SMG Studio has celebrated the milestone on its second anniversary, and thanked everyone who purchased the game.

team17 change

Team17 CEO says 'action will be taken' following dire reports

Team17 is looking to 'take action' following major reports detailing issues at the company.

worms nfts team17 employees

Team17 employees speak out on NFTs, working conditions

Team17 employees have spoken out about the Worms NFT project, and the company's current workplace conditions.

nft worms team17

Team17 cancels Worms NFT project after developer backlash

Following major outcry from developers, Team17 has withdrawn its support for NFTs.

worms nfts

Team17 is turning the iconic Worms into NFTs

The Worms have been video game icons for nearly three decades. Now, they're being turned into NFTs.

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