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ubisoft nfts blockchain

Ubisoft announces NFT project 'Quartz' for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft is launching a new line of in-game cosmetics for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, using NFTs built on the blockchain.

gwu australia union game workers

GWU Australia and Professionals Australia partner for stronger games industry union

GWU Australia and Professionals Australia are partnering to form a new games industry union, known as Game Workers Australia.

call of duty microsoft exclusive game ubisoft activision blizzard

Call of Duty developers stage walkout to protest recent layoffs

Call of Duty developers at Raven Software staged a walkout on Tuesday to protest surprise layoffs in the QA department.

the game awards 2021 metaverse

The Game Awards 2021 includes a red carpet metaverse

The Game Awards 2021 will roll out the red carpet with a fresh new metaverse designed to encourage viewer interaction.

bioshock 4 setting time period

BioShock 4 will reportedly feature a 1960s Antarctic city

A new leak claims the next BioShock game will be set in a strange Antarctic city in the 1960s.

matrix resurrections awakens tie-in

The Matrix Awakens, a new video game tie-in, launches on Friday

The Matrix Awakens is apparently a new digital experience designed to tie-in with the upcoming sequel, Resurrections.

facebook gaming australia and new zealand

Facebook Gaming reveals major growth in Asia Pacific region

Facebook Gaming has revealed Australian content creators are experiencing significant growth on the platform.

playstation xbox game pass rival

What we know about PlayStation's Xbox Game Pass rival

PlayStation is reportedly launching an Xbox Game Pass rival with three unique tiers. Here's what to know.

call of duty microsoft activision blizzard sony

Activision Blizzard lays off Raven Software team after reportedly 'promising' pay restructure

Following record profits, Activision Blizzard has begun laying off the Raven Software development team responsible for working on Call of…

halo infinite subreddit

Halo Infinite subreddit locked due to public threats, toxicity

The Halo Infinite subreddit has been temporarily locked by moderators for 'excessive toxicity'.

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