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reload board game review

Reload board game review – Not quite Fortnite

Reload aims for Fortnite battle royale greatness – although it falls short due to its overly complex mechanics.

crisis core reunion final fantasy 7 review nintendo switch performance

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review – Tale as old as time

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a gorgeous remaster that maintains the spirit and liveliness of its predecessor.

pokemon presents pokemon day february 2023

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review – A shiny, Terastallized gem

Pokemon Violet is a grand and impressive adventure that heralds a new chapter for Pokemon – although it is held…

pokemon legends arceus review

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Review - Breath of fresh air

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the breath of fresh air the franchise needed, although it's far from perfect.

Big Brain Academy Brain vs Brain review

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Review — a real head scratcher

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is a mini puzzle game that'll fry your cranium and cause chaos with your…

let's build a zoo games 2021 review

Let's Build A Zoo is extremely weird, and that's what makes it great

Let's Build A Zoo is a cutesy tycoon simulator which excels by the power of its idle-style gameplay.

pokemon brilliant diamond review

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Review – a grand adventure held back by linearity

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is a great remaster of a classic Pokemon game - but it also reveals how far the…