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nintendo console shortages

Nintendo projects 10% drop in Switch console sales in 2022

Console supply shortages continue around the world, and they'll likely have knock-on impacts for Nintendo.

great ace attorney nintendo eshop sale golden week

The best Nintendo Switch deals during the Golden Week Sale

Capcom and Square Enix have a ton of big discounts on their Nintendo Switch games as part of the Golden…

gba emulator nintendo

Game Boy Advance emulator for Nintendo Switch leaks, includes 40 games

A Game Boy Advance emulator for Nintendo Switch was recently discovered by data miners.

Nintendo switch system update

New Nintendo Switch system update finally adds folders

The Nintendo Switch has a new firmware update, adding the ability to create Groups, and improvements to Bluetooth audio functionality.

wholesome cosy games nintendo switch

The best cosy, relaxing games for Nintendo Switch

The world is tough right now. Let these cosy and relaxing Nintendo Switch games guide you to calmer waters.

Could Call of Duty come to Nintendo Switch? Microsoft seems up for it.

Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch? Microsoft seems keen

Microsoft president Brad Smith has expressed a desire to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch following the Activision Blizzard…

spy fox putt putt switch
Opinions & Analysis

Why Humongous Entertainment's educational games are timeless

Putt-Putt, Spy Fox and Pajama Sam are set to join Freddi Fish on Nintendo Switch. Here's why that matters.

Is Tom Nook the villain of Animal Crossing?
Opinions & Analysis

Who is the real villain of Animal Crossing?

The world of Animal Crossing might not be as wholesome as we think. In fact, the real villain might be...…

Shin Megami Tensei V Review

Shin Megami Tensei V Review: Modernising a classic

Shin Megami Tensei V modernises the RPG’s classic turn-based combat, creating a refreshing, more approachable challenge.

Best Nintendo Games 2021

The Best Nintendo games of 2021

A roster of familiar faces and characters mark the highlights of the best Nintendo games of 2021

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