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Minecraft Trails and Tales

Minecraft update 1.20 'Trails & Tales' features archeology

The game is adding a slew of new features revolving around archeology, as well as bamboo, camels, and more.

minecraft privacy prodigy

Xbox releases Minecraft online safety experience

Xbox has announced the release of Privacy Prodigy, the newest online safety game for young people set in the Minecraft…

burberry minecraft game

Burberry teams up with Minecraft for high fashion line

Minecraft and Burberry are teaming up for a range of in-game and real life fashion items.


Minecraft update featuring new reporting system ‘totalitarian’, players say

Minecraft’s 1.19.1 update brings changes to the reporting system, and users fear that their private interactions are unfairly scrutinised.

minecraft game nfts mojang

Minecraft NFTs are banned, says developer Mojang

Mojang has claimed NFTs are not something it will support or allow in the current gaming environment.

minecraft legends xbox bethesda games showcase

Everything announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Extended Showcase

The Xbox & Bethesda Extended Games Showcase offered players new looks at Starfield, Minecraft Legends, and more.

minecraft jason momoa video game movies

Jason Momoa boards Minecraft as video game movies rise

Video game movies are on the rise once again, thanks to a slate of recent successes.

Minecraft Art Island by Hannah Jenkines

The Joy Of Creating A Pandemic Art Island in Minecraft

People play Minecraft for all sorts of reasons. Hannah Jenkins uses it to recreate large scale, real-world artworks.