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Gotham Knights Game Review

Gotham Knights Review – The Bat is dead, long live the Batfamily

Gotham Knights is determined to escape the shadows of the Arkham series – but lives up to its legacy regardless.

mario rabbids sparks of hope

All the biggest new video game releases in October 2022

October is set to be a massive month for gaming, with a range of blockbuster releases in store.

crisis core final fantasy video games launching 20227 reunion

The biggest video games still releasing in 2022

This year may look bare, but there's still a handful of gorgeous-looking video games on the way.

gotham knights release date

Gotham Knights gets a new, earlier release date

Gotham Knights will now launch four days earlier than originally announced.

red hood gotham knights

New Gotham Knights trailer spotlights Red Hood

The latest trailer for Gotham Knights is giving Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, his chance to shine.

gotham knights batgirl

New Gotham Knights trailer spotlights Batgirl

Gotham Knights is finally giving Barbara Gordon a much-needed character spotlight.

tim drake robin gotham knights

New Gotham Knights trailer spotlights Tim Drake as Robin

A new Gotham Knights trailer introduces keen players to Tim Drake, also known as the third Robin.

gotham knights summer game fest

New look at Gotham Knights showcases Nightwing

Gotham Knights got a new trailer at Summer Game Fest 2022, focusing on the look and fighting style of Nightwing.

gotham knights batgirl

Gotham Knights developers rework Batgirl's origin story

Descriptions of Batgirl's journey to becoming a hero have been reworked following concerns of ableism.

gotham knights red hood nightwing

New Gotham Knights trailer showcases Red Hood, Nightwing

The brand new trailer for Gotham Knights has shown off unique abilities for Red Hood and Nightwing.

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