Gotham Knights has been rated for Nintendo Switch

Gotham Knights looks set to launch on yet another console in the near future.
Gotham Knights game rating esrb nintendo switch

Gotham Knights, the solo and co-op adventure game from WB Games Montreal, looks set to be released for Nintendo Switch in future. The news arrives courtesy of the US Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), which recently updated the game’s official listing to include a previously unannounced Nintendo Switch version.

As folks on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours Subreddit later speculated, this could relate to an incoming Nintendo Direct presentation – as Nintendo has typically aired a showcase in September, and a blockbuster game launching on the Switch would certainly make the cut. We have no official word to go on just yet – but regardless, the updated ESRB listing is worth noting.

In the past, global ratings boards have leaked an array of incoming, previously unannounced projects. Most recently, ratings leaks led to the reveal of Bluey: The Videogame, and also teased the arrival of projects like a new Beyond Good & Evil port.

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Re-launching Gotham Knights on Nintendo Switch could allow the game to nab a whole new audience – and given it was critically underrated on launch, that can only be a good thing. While the vast majority of reviews for the game were underwhelming, we called it a “dynamic, hard-hitting adventure” that just about escaped the shadows of Rocksteady’s beloved Arkham series.

“Regardless of its lack of originality, Gotham Knights remains a compelling experience – one littered with intriguing and thoughtful interpretations of characters, and a creeping sense of dread that will keep you rushing through case files, determined to save Gotham from itself,” said the GamesHub review.

“With time, a hearty sense of determination, and mastery of each character’s unique moveset, you’ll eventually find the light shining in this neon-infused, villain-plagued romp.”

Months divorced from the discourse around the game, there is hope a re-release will lead to re-evaluation. Gotham Knights maybe a flawed experience, in its approach to segmented missions and player progress, but it remains a fun, lively adventure with strong characters and satisfying battles.

The game’s native performance on Nintendo Switch – a console with much less horsepower than its rival platforms – may complicate this potential arrival, but we’ll have to stay tuned to see how WB Games Montreal manages the leap. We’ll likely hear more about a potential Nintendo Switch release for the game in the coming months.

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