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Metroid Dread is one of James Burns of SUPERJUMP's games of the year

SUPERJUMP's James Burns gives thanks for his favourite games of 2021

Editor-in-chief of SUPERJUMP, James Burns, shares the three games he appreciated most in 2021.

ElecHead Review

ElecHead Review - All about those lightbulb moments

An elegant gimmick used with restraint and purpose makes success feel electric in this brief puzzle-platformer.

final fantasy xiv servers oceania

Final Fantasy XIV is finally opening its Oceanian servers

Final Fantasy XIV is returning to sale this January, and it's got some brand new servers in tow.

DICE Award 2022 Nominations

2022 DICE Awards Nominations: Unpacking and Forgotten City get nods

Ratchet & Clank and Deathloop lead the nominations for the 2022 DICE Awards, with Inscryption being the indie frontrunner.

Rainbow Six Extraction preview feature

Rainbow Six Extraction mixes aliens and tactical shooting to fascinating effect

After going deep into the competitive multiplayer rabbit-hole, Rainbow Six is bringing the series back to its cooperative roots, with…

covid simulator coldrice cdc

Covid Simulator aims to educate players about workplace risk

Covid Simulator is an indie game that accurately simulates the spread of covid in the workplace.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker review

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Review - Hope at Journey's End

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker does great justice to its world and characters, and delivers a gratifying conclusion to its long-running…

elden ring character creator leak

Leaked Elden Ring character creator reveals monstrosities

A video reportedly showing off the Elden Ring character creation menu has revealed some absolute monsters.

most anticipated games 2022 tiny tina's midnight suns gotham knights forbidden west

The most anticipated games of 2022 and beyond

If you thought 2021 was big for games, wait until 2022 hits. These are the most anticipated games on the…

Edmond Tran reflects on the best games of 2021, including The Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye
Opinions & Analysis

The Defining Games of 2021, at least for Edmond Tran

GamesHub's managing editor reflects on 2021 and the video games that defined his year.

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