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Blizzard survival game

Blizzard announces new survival game, hoping to find staff

Blizzard has announced it is working on a new, original survival game, putting a call out for staff after suffering…

final fantasy xiv

Final Fantasy XIV launches wildly popular Oceanian servers

Final Fantasy XIV launched its Oceanian servers on Tuesday. Since then, the Home World Transfer Service has been buggy.

Frank Sinatra and Final Fantasy, together at last in Stranger of Paradise

Frank Sinatra meets Final Fantasy in baffling Stranger of Paradise trailer

The Final Fantasy spinoff, Stranger of Paradise, marks its impending release with a trailer that features legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

elden ring hltb game length

Elden Ring will reportedly take 30 hours to complete

Elden Ring's story will reportedly take around 30 hours to complete, with 'many dozens more hours' for side quests and…

Before We Leave by Balancing Monkey Games

Balancing Monkey Games is trying to make the world a better place

Before We Leave is a game about sustainability that reflects the core values of its development team.

playism game show 2022

The biggest announcements from the Playism Games Show 2022

Playism has revealed a number of upcoming titles, including Momodora: Moonlit Farewell and The Use of Life.

wwe 2k22 cover trailer release date

WWE 2K22 gets release date, new live action trailer

WWE 2K22 has finally gotten a release date, and a fresh new look.

7th Chance and The Good Place explore the same moral quandries

A Solo Aussie Game Dev, The Good Place, and Moral Philosophy Walk Into A Bar

7th Chance is a story of human redemption that affirms that we can be better every day.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga developer TT Games is report serious workplace issues

Lego Star Wars developers reportedly suffering from bullying and crunch

Employees at TT Games, the developers of Lego Star Wars and other licensed Lego titles, have reported a history terrible…

sims 4 custom pronouns

The Sims 4 is adding custom pronouns in a future update

Maxis has announced The Sims 4 will get custom pronouns in a future update.

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