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space for the unbound

A Space For the Unbound developer acquired by publisher Toge Productions

Developer Mojiken Studio worked together with Toge on A Space for the Unbound, and fought together against an allegedly exploitative…

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

New Call of Duty to have Gulf War focus, report suggests

The report suggests that Treyarch is leading the next Call of Duty game.

Knuckle Sandwich Review

Knuckle Sandwich Review

Witty writing, visually arresting scenes, and some clever design work outweigh a few deeper gameplay concerns for this larger than…

Atari 2600+ Review

Atari 2600+ Review - Cart Life

The Atari 2600+ is an impressive recreation of the original 1970s console.

Destiny 2 The Witcher Crossover

The Witcher comes to Destiny 2 in new crossover

The announcement of the crossover comes at a time of great upheaval for Bungie and Destiny 2.

Steelseries Alias Microphones

The SteelSeries Alias proves professional audio doesn’t need to be complex

When we're constantly using our voices online, it pays to sound professional. But that shouldn't have to be complicated.

God of War Ragnarok PS5 review

Amazon Black Friday 2023: The best video game and board game deals in Australia

Here's all the best video game and board game deals from the Amazon AU sale for Black Friday 2023.

immortals of aveum layoffs studio

Immortals of Aveum director links poor sales and release timing to studio layoffs

Ascendant Studios CEO Bret Robbins has spoken openly about the troubles of the studio, and the nature of creating games.

star wars knights of the old republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake existence in contention

The long-in-development remake may not see the light of day.

bluey xbox console controller

Xbox is giving away a custom Bluey Xbox console and controller

Everybody's favourite Aussie icon has been turned into an Xbox console.

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