Nintendo Indie World returns on 17 April

Nintendo Indie World is returning very soon, with a new showcase featuring 20 minutes of announcements.
nintendo indie world

Nintendo Indie World is officially returning on 17 April 2024, with a new showcase set to feature 20 minutes of news and announcements for upcoming games coming to Nintendo Switch. That’s tonight, if you’re based in Australia – and tomorrow, for most other time zones.

No particular games have been announced for the showcase, and that’s led to plenty of speculation about what could appear. There’s always a chance we get news of Hollow Knight: Silksong, as that game was recently rated by a bunch of classification boards (including Australia’s ACB) – but as always, it’s best to temper expectations.

Regardless of what appears, it’s great to see another Nintendo Indie World showcase, this late in the Nintendo Switch’s life cycle.

With rumours mounting around the “Nintendo Switch 2” there has been much conversation about what’s next for the base Nintendo Switch. With the announcement of a new Nintendo Indie World, we can assume the console will continue to get a raft of new games in the near future.

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How to watch the Nintendo Indie World for April 2024

Here’s when you’ll be able to tune in and watch the upcoming Nintendo Indie World:

  • Australia – 12:00 am AEST (18 April) | 11:30 pm ACST | 10:00 pm AWST (17 April)
  • New Zealand – 2:00 am NZST (18 April)
  • United States – 7:00 am PT | 10:00 am ET (17 April)
  • United Kingdom – 2:00 pm GMT (17 April)

As usual, it will be live on YouTube. You can already bookmark the livestream below:

Stay tuned to GamesHub for all the latest news and updates from the latest Nintendo Indie World.

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