Rolling Hills, a new sushi restaurant sim, launches in June 2024

Rolling Hills is a wholesome life simulator you should have on your radar.
rolling hills sushi restaurant games

If you’re looking for a wholesome new game to bring good vibes to the near future, you should have Rolling Hills on your radar. This upcoming game from Catch & Release was recently scooped up for publishing by Humble Games, and even a quick glance at its trailer will reveal why.

In this game, you are an eager, state-of-the-art sushi bot who dreams of running the perfect sushi restaurant. When a job opens up in the town of Rolling Hills, you get your chance to realise your dreams, creating sushi dishes of all kinds in your quest to impress your new neighbours, and transform the town into a culinary paradise.

Gameplay appears to be inspired by Diner Dash, with touches of Overcooked! and other popular restaurant sims – but it’s going for more cosy vibes, so hopefully there won’t be too much time pressure as you create new dishes.

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The game’s trailer is filled with an array of delight-looking sushi dishes that’ll make your mouth water, as well as giving a glimpse at the more wholesome “towny” life gameplay beyond the sushi restaurant. When you’re not cooking dishes for your new neighbours, you’ll be able to wander your new home, decorate your restaurant, and make friends along the way.

As announced, Rolling Hills is set to launch for PC and Xbox One on 4 June 2024. It will arrive standalone, and will also be available via Game Pass for subscribers. For anyone looking for a light, fun gameplay experience – or anyone that just loves sushi – Rollings Hills is a project to watch.

You can learn more about the new title on the Humble Games website.

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