Rayman: The Board Game announced for 2024

Rayman is making a comeback in tabletop form.
rayman the board game

After years of fans begging for a solo Rayman game, that wish is about to come true – in slightly unexpected form. As announced by Ubisoft, Rayman: The Board Game is currently in development at Flyos (Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS), with Maxime Tardif (Earth) on design duty.

According to early details, the board game is for 2-5 players aged between 7 and 77 (it’s unclear why this is so specific) and it will allow players to “discover Rayman like never before” as players team up with their “favourite heroes in an epic race, dodging dangers and saving Teensies.”

The game will launch in Q3 2024, and it does appear to be a standalone release, rather than a Kickstarter or Gamefound project.

Beyond these details, not much is known about Rayman: The Board Game, and how it will play. Very early looks at the game have only revealed cover art for the game box, and two painted miniatures: one of Rayman, and one of his pal Globox.

Image: Ubisoft / Flyos

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It’s likely these pieces will be used to move across a board in some fashion, as players work together to save the Teensies – but beyond this basic assumption, the rest of Rayman: The Board Game is a mystery. The game’s box art suggests it will feature a range of classic Rayman characters, and that it will largely be inspired by Rayman Legends – given the art style, and the appearance of characters like Barbara the Barbarian Princess – but there’s certainly plenty of room to move within this theme.

Again, this is an assumption, but the size of the board game relative to the revealed miniatures also suggests it will be a lighter board game, potentially with a party vibe. Whatever the case, it’s great to see Rayman getting a new game in 2024 – even if it’s not strictly the video game fans have longed for.

Those keen to learn more about the Rayman board game, and potentially preorder it once it’s available, can now sign up for updates via the Rayman: The Board Game website. Stay tuned for new developments as we head closer to the release of the game.

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