Nintendo Switch 2 rumoured to feature magnetic Joy-Cons

A new report has alleged the Nintendo Switch 2's Joy-Con controllers will attach magnetically, rather than via rail.
nintendo switch joy-cons

Rumours around the “Nintendo Switch 2” are heating up again, thanks to a recent news report from tenured video games website Vandal, as surfaced by VGC. Per Vandal, which accurately reported on the Switch OLED prior to reveal, the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will have refreshed Joy-Con controllers that attach magnetically, rather than by sliding rail.

This suggests the new Joy-Cons will feature a refreshed design, and that older Joy-Cons may not be compatible with the main chassis of the Nintendo Switch 2. They could still be able to connect via Bluetooth, but should Vandal‘s reporting prove correct, it appears there may be a new attachment system for Nintendo’s upcoming console.

As an aside, Vandal has also suggested the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will work with the Switch 2, so there may be some level of backward compatibility for older accessories.

Given the news reportedly comes from sources at the manufacturers’ level, there may be some legitimacy to these claims – but as always, it’s best to treat rumours with a fair amount of scepticism.

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So far, Nintendo has not made any official announcements about the new Nintendo Switch. There’s also been a cavalcade of rumours around it, muddying the waters around what it could be, and when it could arrive. Some sources claim the console is targeting release in late 2024. Others have claimed this date has changed to early 2025, due to hardware bottlenecks and a lack of “ready” new releases.

Some sources have also shared smaller details about the console – for example, that it will have an 8-inch LCD screen. There are also many who claim high-profile developers have access to the Nintendo Switch 2 already, and that there’s plenty in the works for the upcoming console.

For now, none of these reports have been officially confirmed by Nintendo, and it’s unlikely this information will be verified until a formal announcement for the console. We anticipate the later half of 2024 will be richer for this news, with Nintendo likely gearing up for a big reveal in the coming months. That said, it’s best to remain patient, as nothing is confirmed just yet.

We’ll likely continue to hear tidbits and rumours on the path to an official reveal, but we’ll have to stay tuned to see how accurate these reports really are.

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