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Duck Detective: The Secret Salami launches in May 2024

Happy Broccoli Games has officially confirmed the launch date of its short detective adventure.
duck detective the secret salami review

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, an adorable detective game starring a down-on-his-luck divorced duck detective, is officially launching for PC and Nintendo Switch on 23 May 2024. The game made a major impression during a recent Steam Next Fest, with its demo showing off memorable wit and charm in spades.

It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with tiny gags and fun puzzles contributing to a hilarious little adventure. As described by Happy Broccoli Games, this a short, 90-minute adventure game with a “casual” gameplay style. While that may dissuade some players, it should be said that the demo was very snappy and wasted no time at all. It’s likely the full game will have the same impact.

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For a quick rundown, here’s the game’s official description:

“Solving crime is no walk in the pond. You are a down-on-his-luck detective who also happens to be a duck. Use your powers of de-duck-tion to inspect evidence, fill in the blanks, and bust the case wide open, in a narrative mystery adventure where nothing is quite as it seems.”

In the game, you’ll interview suspects to discover clues, solve a variety of puzzles, “judge everyone n first impressions” and “throw bread to the fine beak of lady justice.”


The game is described as “Aggretsuko meets Return of the Obra Dinn” – which is a wild combination, and one that should make for an incredibly fun time. Keep Duck Detective: The Secret Salami on your radar if you’re keen for a bite-sized, cosy mystery game with plenty of personality.

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