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steam deck 2023 third party sellers

Valve doubles Steam Deck production, but still no update for Aussies

Valve is now meeting Q3 2022 Steam Deck orders – but has provided no update on a wider global release.

steam deck packaging

Valve is ramping up Steam Deck shipments from April

Valve is ramping up its Steam Deck shipments, with promises Q2 reservations are currently being filled.

steam deck australia production

Steam Deck production reportedly ramping up at Valve

Steam Deck production will reportedly increase to 'hundreds of thousands' of models by April 2022.

steam deck valve

Steam Deck hits 300 verified games, still no global preorder

The Steam Deck is nearing 300 compatible games as Valve ramps up for the device's February launch.

steam deck packaging

Valve reveals Steam Deck packaging as production begins

Valve has revealed the final packaging and production build for its upcoming Steam Deck handheld.

steam deck valve exclusive games

Valve confirms the Steam Deck won't have exclusive games

Valve has confirmed the Steam Deck will operate as a handheld PC, rather than an exclusive game platform.

inscryption game rating
Opinions & Analysis

You should grab these games in the Steam Autumn Sale

With the Steam Autumn Sale now underway, GamesHub takes a look at the best games on offer.

steam deck delay 2022

Valve's Steam Deck has officially been delayed to 2022

The Steam Deck has been delayed due to material shortages and shipping issues.

valve game cancelled concept art

Cancelled Valve game 'Stars of Blood' concept art resurfaces

Stars of Blood appears to have been a Cyberpunk-style game about space pirates.

valve steam deck compatibility

Games that work on the Steam Deck will now get a check mark

Valve is currently testing games to ensure compatibility with the Steam Deck.

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