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atomic heart video game ukraine russia

Ukraine government urges storefronts to remove Atomic Heart

The Ukraine government has warned that sales of Atomic Heart could contribute to Russia's war against Ukraine.

atomic heart review roundup mundfish

Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon donates fee to Ukraine aid

Gordon has donated his earnings from Atomic Heart to the Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

goldeneye remaster game

GoldenEye 007 remaster reportedly 'in limbo' due to Ukraine war

GoldenEye 007 is reportedly in limbo due to the Ukraine war – although exact details are still unclear.

sherlock holmes frogwares

Frogwares is relocating Ukrainian staff with Epic Games aid

Epic Games has previously raised millions for charity organisations working across Ukraine.

epic games fortnite ftc lawsuit

Epic Games raises US $144 million for Ukraine aid with Fortnite

The two-week fundraising initiative has now concluded, with a major donation for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

world of tanks wargaming russia belarus

World of Tanks dev leaves Russia and Belarus, expects financial loss

The World of Tanks developer will no longer own or operate studios in Russia and Belarus.

loop hero epic games store

Loop Hero developer encourages players to pirate game

Four Quarters is currently dealing with sanctions placed on its revenue streams by global governments.

spyro reignited trilogy humble bundle

Humble Bundle raises $27 million for Ukraine aid

Humble Bundle's Stand With Ukraine charity bundle has now ended, following a very successful run.

fortnite game

Epic Games commits Fortnite proceeds to Ukraine aid

Fortnite proceeds from 20 March to 3 April 2022 will go directly towards humanitarian relief efforts.

back 4 blood game ends development

Humble launches Stand With Ukraine bundle for charity

All proceeds from the bundle, which contains over 100 games, books and software, will go towards humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

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