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two point campus school spirits

Two Point Campus: School Spirits DLC announced

School Spirits isn't just an excellent pun. Here's everything included in this major DLC expansion.

two point campus space academy

Two Point Campus: Space Academy DLC set for December

Two Point Campus is expanding in December, with students invited to join the Space Academy.

two point campus

Two Point Campus: A real-world teacher weighs in on the game's dark humour

Part comedy, part cautionary tale, Two Point Campus is nothing if not relatable. Real-world teacher Meghann O'Neill shares her take.

two point campus claim earn kudosh

Two Point Campus: How to get more Kudosh

Kudosh will help you unlock the best of what Two Point Campus has to offer – but it needs to…

two point campus tips trick gameplay

Two Point Campus - Tips and Tricks to know before you start

Two Point Campus can be a difficult game to master, with plenty of budgeting and planning needed to overcome its…

two point campus review pc game

Two Point Campus review – Extremely cool for school

Two Point Campus perfects the Two Point formula with a brilliant progression system and great new challenges.

Two Point Campus has somehow climbed the Australian game sales chart despite not being released until August

Unreleased game almost tops Australia's game sales chart

Two Point Campus was delayed to August 2022, but that hasn't stopped the game from selling plenty of copies on…

two point campus

Two Point Campus has been delayed by three months

The slapstick antics and silliness of Two Point Campus will have to wait a little bit longer.

two point campus release date

Two Point Campus launches in May, will be on Xbox Game Pass

Two Point Campus finally has a release date, and great news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Opinions & Analysis

When the world went wrong, Two Point Hospital was the perfect escape

In Two Point Hospital, diseases are trivial and pandemics don't matter.