Two Point Campus: How to get more Kudosh

Kudosh will help you unlock the best of what Two Point Campus has to offer – but it needs to be earned.
two point campus claim earn kudosh

Kudosh makes the world go ’round. In Two Point Campus, it’s the special currency you need to unlock a variety of items – from new wall decorations, gaming consoles, food stands and rugs to academic bookshelves and tools to complete homework assignments. Unfortunately, it’s fairly hard to come by, and you’ll need to put in hours of work to start earning Kudosh.

Firstly, minimal Kudosh can be earned from completing student requests or challenges set by third parties. As you build your campus, you’ll often get special requests from health inspectors, mascots, or the education department. They’ll ask you to train staff, improve hygiene, or hold particular events.

You’ll usually get a 5 Kudosh reward from meeting these requests – not a lot, but it can be built up over time or used to unlock smaller items like paintings and other decorations.

The second, much better way to get Kudosh is to earn it by fulfilling Career Goals.

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In the upper-rightmost tab of your screen, you’ll find a briefcase icon that may occasionally light up. This is where you access your Career Goals, and start your Kudosh earning journey.

kudosh two point campus career goals
Screenshot: GamesHub

Career Goals are tasks that you’ll want to hit as you grow your campus. Some of them are simple – click on five bookworm creatures that appear on your in-game map, earn a particular amount of cash – while others require you to foster new skills and temperaments in your students.

Each course is represented here, and you’ll hit goals for having a high amount of students, or for great performances in your subjects. You don’t necessarily have to pursue specific goals – they’ll unlock naturally as you play through each campus and hit those three-star requirements – but you do need to claim the Kudosh you earn in this tab.

kudosh game two point campus
Screenshot: GamesHub

When you hit a goal, you’ll get a pop-up notification. Head into the Career Hub and click the ‘Claim’ button for every orange-circled goal you can find. Each goal yields between 50-100 Kudosh, which can then be used to claim important (or decorative) items.

That said, you do need to exercise a bit of caution when it comes to spending Kudosh. Students will often have academic requests that require this currency, and if you don’t have enough saved they may fail subjects, which drops your overall academic score.

Spend as much Kudosh as you like, but make sure there’s at least 100-200 Kudosh spare at all times. It’s not easy to earn, and requires time – so if you get stuck, you may have to deal with grade-based consequences. But stay patient and save your Kudosh, and you should be on track to create a thriving life in Two Point Campus.

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