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Netflix Games

Netflix launches three more video games

Netflix has added three more games to its subscription service, including a serious adventure set in Sub-Saharan Africa.

tekken bloodline

Netflix reveals surprise trailer for Tekken: Bloodline anime

Tekken: Bloodline is set to follow the rise of iconic fighter Jin Kazama.

netflix next games

Netflix acquires Finnish game developer, Next Games

Netflix has acquired Next Games for €65 million (AU $99 million) in an all-cash share purchase.

netflix bioshock movie film adaptation

Netflix announces BioShock movie adaptation

The long-awaited BioShock movie adaptation is getting new life, thanks to Netflix.

Netflix Games hires Amir Rahimi

Netflix appoints new Vice President of Game Studios

The video streaming service has hired another mobile game publisher executive to bolster its foray into video games.

league of legends netflix games

Netflix Games is getting a League of Legends rhythm spin-off

Hextech Mayhem is a new rhythm game coming to PC, Switch, and Netflix Games.

netfix games stranger things video game

Netflix now has video games, starting with Stranger Things

Existing games based on Stranger Things and other mobile titles make up the starting roster for Netflix.

Netflix has acquired the Oxenfree developer

Netflix and Oxenfree developer team up to bring more games to the service

Netflix has acquired narrative game studio Night School to help boost their game development muscle.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix

Netflix to develop games, will be offered on the service within the year

Netflix has hired a new VP of game development, signalling a new major push for the streaming service.


Why do the elves in Dota have Australian accents?

All the elves in Dota: Dragons Blood are (spoiler) all Australian and we don't know why – so we asked…

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