Gears of War film, animated series in works at Netflix

Netflix is adding to its massive roster of in-development video game movies and TV shows.
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Gears of War is set to get two major adaptations, courtesy of Netflix: an adult animated series, and a live-action film. The news was announced to mark the 16th anniversary of the long-running video game series, and with hope these projects could eventually contribute to a larger franchise.

While not much is known about the adaptations so far, we do know Netflix has partnered with Gears 4 and Gears 5 developer The Coalition to make it happen, indicating they could follow the modern mythology of the series.


A Gears of War adaption has long been talked about, largely driven by word-of-mouth support and petitions from celebrities, including actor and wrestler Dave Bautista. Bautista has frequently expressed interest in playing original game protagonist Marcus Fenix – although it’s unknown if this will come to fruition.

Bautista’s star has risen massively since he began speaking about Gears of War, and his schedule is looking increasingly busy. That said, he did feature as an alternative skin for Fenix in Gears 5‘s multiplayer mode, so there’s a chance he’ll be keen to clear his slate.

Whatever the case, there’s high hope for the upcoming adaptation – one of many video game projects in the works at Netflix.

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The company has already achieved major success with projects like Castlevania, League of Legends (Arcane), The Cuphead Show and Tekken, so it’s fair to hope the upcoming Gears of War adaptation will treat the source material with a real sense of respect and care.

Gears of War feels ripe for an action-heavy adaptation, and Netflix could be in a position to deliver big. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming project, including those juicy casting details.

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