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LEGO Legend of Zelda set Deku Tree

LEGO has revealed a stunning 2-in-1 Legend of Zelda set

The long-awaited LEGO Legends of Zelda kit features a 2-in-1 design of the Great Deku Tree.

lego animal crossing sets kk slider town hall

New Lego Animal Crossing sets launch in August 2024

K.K. Slider and Dodo Airlines feature in newly-revealed Lego Animal Crossing sets.

lego animal crossing review

Lego Animal Crossing is the cure to whatever ails you

Lego's new Animal Crossing sets are imbued with a pure delight and whimsy.

lego fortnite experience

Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival announced

These newly-revealed live service games are launching within Fortnite.

brickman lego sonic competition

Sega and Brickman launch Sonic Superstars Lego building competition

Put your Lego building skills to the test for a chance to win Sonic Superstars and a Nintendo Switch OLED.

animal crossing lego sets

Animal Crossing Lego includes Nook's Cranny, Island Tour sets

The first wave of Lego Animal Crossing sets have been revealed in full.

lego animal crossing nintendo

Animal Crossing Lego sets announced by Nintendo

A first teaser trailer has revealed the debut of Lego Animal Crossing minifigures for Isabelle, Tom Nook, and more.

sonic lego pax aus 2023

Giant Lego Sonic to be revealed at PAX Aus 2023

Sega has partnered with Brickman to create a giant Lego Sonic figure, to be revealed at PAX Aus 2023.

lego 2k drive game

Lego 2K Drive season pass includes new levels, drivers, and real cars

The Lego 2K Drive season pass will introduce a range of new features to the game, including real-life cars.

Image: A screenshot of Lego 2K Drive, developed by Visual Concepts - the latest game developers to experience layoffs

Lego 2K Drive lets you create the weirdest cars you can imagine

The only limit in Lego 2K Drive is your sense of fun, according to the folks at Visual Concepts.

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