Giant Lego Sonic to be revealed at PAX Aus 2023

Sega has partnered with Brickman to create a giant Lego Sonic figure, to be revealed at PAX Aus 2023.
sonic lego pax aus 2023

PAX Aus 2023 is set to play host to an unusual reveal, as Sega and The Brickman, aka Lego creator Ryan McNaught, have teamed up for the creation of a life-size Lego Sonic the Hedgehog. The figure, which took around 103 hours and 25,807 Lego bricks to create, has been commissioned to celebrate the incoming launch of Sonic Superstars, which features a Lego minifigure version of Sonic.

There’s nothing mini about the real life version, however. While exact specifications have not been provided, the Brickman creation appears to be at least one metre tall. With a neat running pose and a face stuck in a wink, it’s an endearing creation – and one that you’ll be able to ‘meet’ for yourself when PAX Aus 2023 kicks off 6 October 2023.

During the show, you’ll also be able to get hands-on with Sonic Superstars, a game we called a real revelation in our early preview. “Sonic Superstars has learned all the right lessons from the classic 2D Sonic games – enhancing their core ideas with a real sense of creativity and freedom,” we wrote.

“It knows exactly what’s come before, and with a smile and a nod, it immediately subverts your expectations, providing new challenges, new gameplay mechanics, new abilities, and new collectibles, each of which make the game feel like a breath of fresh air.”

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In a press release, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught has enthused about the opportunity to work on a Sonic figure, citing past experiences playing Sonic with friends.

“As an old school gamer, I remember playing the original sonic back in the 90s until our hands hurt
from playing too much! So having the opportunity to bring one of our favourite video game
characters to life with Lego bricks is awesome and we can’t wait to share it with everyone,” McNaught said. “We’re all big gamers here at The Brickman, there was no way we would pass up an opportunity to build the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog!”

The workmanship here is testament to that enthusiasm.

You’ll be able to check out the life-size Lego Sonic figure throughout all three days of PAX Aus 2023 – although if you’re keen for a demo of Sonic Superstars, you’ll need to get in quick. Typically, game demos are the most popular feature of the show, so you’ll need to exercise patience if you’ve got your eye on the upcoming game.

Sonic Superstars launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch on 17 October 2023.

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