Animal Crossing Lego sets announced by Nintendo

A first teaser trailer has revealed the debut of Lego Animal Crossing minifigures for Isabelle, Tom Nook, and more.
lego animal crossing nintendo

Nintendo is extending its Lego partnership, with Animal Crossing the latest franchise to get a delightful, brick-filled makeover. As revealed in a new teaser trailer, a range of Animal Crossing Lego minifigures are in the works, with characters including Isabelle, Tom Nook, Kapp’n, Marshal, Julian, Fauna, Rosie, and Bunnie on the way.

In the background of the new teaser, we can also spot new Lego Animal Crossing trees with fruit (cherries, apples, oranges), and a present floating on a Lego balloon. While currently unconfirmed, the appearance of these additional items suggests the upcoming Lego Animal Crossing collection may contain more than just minifigures.

Nintendo’s Lego Mario kits, which contain a range of environments, characters, decorations, and structures, may serve as a blueprint for this collection, which certainly has the potential to be wildly popular amongst fans and collectors. The cosy world of Animal Crossing is bright and very colourful, and there’s plenty of opportunity to expand this Lego overhaul.

For example, we could see an official version of the Lego Nook’s Cranny setpiece that was designed by Micro_Model_Maker in 2020, as part of the fan submission competition, Lego Ideas. Notably, the apples included in this unofficial design strongly resemble those included in the official Animal Crossing Lego teaser – so there are some links already. Fingers crossed!

Per Polygon, leakers may have revealed the Lego Animal Crossing lineup early, as there are claims of five unique kits doing the rounds. Per these details, the set may including a 170-piece kit for US $14.99, as well as a 535-piece kit for US $74.99. As for what these sets actually contain, it remains a mystery until officially revealed by Nintendo and Lego.

Given the teaser, it’s likely there’s not long to go before a full reveal – but we’ll all have to stay tuned to the Lego collaboration page for new details. As teased, more will be revealed soon.

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