New Lego Animal Crossing sets launch in August 2024

K.K. Slider and Dodo Airlines feature in newly-revealed Lego Animal Crossing sets.
lego animal crossing sets kk slider town hall

Lego and Nintendo have announced a new wave of Lego Animal Crossing sets, set to launch on 1 August 2024: a Town Hall featuring Isabelle, K.K. Slider, and villager Audie; and the Dodo Airlines hub with a plane, Wilbur, and villager Tangy.

The announcement closely follows the launch of the first wave of Lego Animal Crossing sets, which have proven so popular, they’re sold out in most stores (although restocks are slowly drifting in). Lego appears enthusiastic about these releases so far, with these latest sets swiftly following their predecessors.

For now, the company has remained tight-lipped about pricing, but the announced sets are likely to be priced similarly to past releases. From appearances, the Town Hall set seems about as large as Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House, so it’s likely to be in the realm of AUD $119.99 | USD $74.99. The Dodo Airlines set could be closer to AUD $69.99 | USD $39.99, based on the pricing of Isabelle’s House Visit (both the Dodo Airlines hub and seaplane seem like relatively complex builds).

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While both new sets are particularly snazzy, it’s the Town Hall set that appears to be the major headliner here. This Autumn-themed build features the iconic Town Hall which serves as a base in New Horizons, and also features a range of other accessories to bring your Lego Animal Crossing island to life.

There’s a K.K. Slider caravan, which is a neat reference to New Leaf / Welcome amiibo. There’s also a cafe selling cupcakes and waffles, a mini-band stand for K.K. Slider to perform, a notice bird with its little yellow bird companion, and a bunch of other cool details.

The Dodo Airlines hub is slightly less detailed, but still has some neat inclusions – the seaplane that initially transports you to your new island home, and its landing pad, as well as fan-favourite villager Tangy ready to accept a ride from pilot Wilbur.

Keep your ears to the ground around 1 August 2024 if you’re keen to nab these upcoming releases, as they’ll likely be very popular on launch.

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