Lego 2K Drive season pass includes new levels, drivers, and real cars

The Lego 2K Drive season pass will introduce a range of new features to the game, including real-life cars.
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Lego 2K Drive, the upcoming driving-adventure game starring wacky cars and wackier racers, is set to launch with a season pass that unlocks new content and rewards as players race through a variety of challenges, and hit new goalposts.

As announced by 2K Games, this season pass will be multi-tiered, and will offer both a free and paid track, with unique rewards for each pass. So far, four seasons have been announced, which will cover the game from June 2023 to Spring 2024 [Northern Hemisphere].

In each season, players will be able to play through 100 new levels of the game, with rewards for completing each level on the free track including new drivers, new biomes, stickers, flairs, brick packs, and sounds.

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The paid Premium Drive Pass will additionally provide an Awesome Pizza Vehicle and 550 in-game coins to spend on the game’s Unkie’s Emporium shop. It will also allow you to unlock real-life cars from manufacturers including Dodge and Nissan in the game’s first season.

Notably, seasons will not be time-locked, so players will be able to jump in and play each available ‘Drive Pass’ as it launches. They can also swap over to the paid track at any point, and unlock earned rewards based on current progress.

At this stage, what’s contained in each of the Drive Pass levels is a mystery, but we can likely expect plenty of new races and mini-games in these rounds, with each contributing to progress along the rewards track.

Those keen to avoid the season pass entirely will thankfully be able to do so, as Lego 2K Drive comes packed-in with a variety of biomes, races, and mini-games that should hopefully keep the action pumping. Many of the rewards on the season tracks are purely cosmetic, and will only contribute to the look and vibe of playable in-game vehicles.

Lego 2K Drive launches for PC and consoles on 19 May 2023.

05/15/2024 05:11 pm GMT

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