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Wild Hearts review

Wild Hearts review - The circle of life

Wild Hearts is a fantastic example of how a well-established formula can still be spun into something unexpected, brilliant and…

Wild Hearts omega force ea

'Wild Hearts' directors discuss the global monster hunter trade

No strangers to the monster-hunting genre, the co-directors of Wild Hearts explain their globally-focused approach to the genre.

Dragon Quest Champions

Dragon Quest battle royale game announced for iOS and Android

A new mobile battle royale game, based on Dragon Quest and featuring traditional turn-based RPG combat, has been announced by…

Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher: Remembering the other creature collecting game

There's Pokemon, there's Digimon, and then there's Monster Rancher. We remember the monster collecting game with a unique real-world twist.

ea koei tecmo wild hearts game

EA and Koei Tecmo's Wild Hearts launches in February 2023

The game was officially revealed with a debut gameplay trailer that showed off sleek action and innovation.

wild hearts ea koei tecmo

Wild Hearts from EA and Koei Tecmo could launch in 2023

Wild Hearts, the new Monster Hunter rival from EA and Koei Tecmo, could be circling a 2023 launch.

ea koei tecmo hunting game

EA and Koei Tecmo are teaming up to take on Monster Hunter

The 'next great hunting game' will be the result of a partnership between EA and Koei Tecmo.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review - a new future

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes delves into an altogether different story, but retains the heart of its predecessor.

monster rancher game japan nintendo direct mini

New Monster Rancher game announced in Japan's Nintendo Direct Mini

The latest Nintendo Direct Mini had a very special Japan-exclusive announcement.

koei tecmo salary

Koei Tecmo announces 23% base salary raise for employees

All new graduates will also have increased starting salaries in a new push to focus on employee wellbeing.

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