Koei Tecmo announces 23% base salary raise for employees

All new graduates will also have increased starting salaries in a new push to focus on employee wellbeing.
koei tecmo salary

Koei Tecmo employees in Japan will receive a 24% boost to their salaries, following a blockbuster year for the developer. Despite the coronavirus pandemic continuing to play havoc on global workforces, the company has reportedly achieved its major sales targets, with strong growth predicted for the rest of the financial year. In light of this success, the company has chosen to invest this extra profit back into its employees.

In an update posted on its website (and translated by Kazuma Hashimoto on Twitter), the company outlined a renewed focus on the motivation and satisfaction of its workers. It will reportedly look to invest in ‘human resources’ going forward, as the company believes they are the most important business asset of all.

The decision follows a similar push by Capcom, which recently elevated staff salaries by 30% in Japan.

In addition to a 23% raise for full-time employees, Koei Tecmo will also raise the starting salary for university graduates to 290,000 yen (AU $2,986) per month, a leap of around AU $500 from its prior base.

The hope is this will incentivise employees and motivate them further as Koei Tecmo continues to work on new games and technologies.

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By investing back into its employees, the company aims to retain staff and improve employee welfare as the cost of living rises. Many game companies are currently reckoning with the impact of the pandemic, and how it’s reshaped the needs of workforces – which is likely part of the reason why so many businesses are changing their policies and employee bonuses lately.

With profits remaining stable for many game companies at the same time that employee dissatisfaction is growing due to global circumstances, salary increases can be extremely beneficial to both employees and businesses. Staff retention is an advancing priority as employees reassess their value and sense of self – making bonuses an essential tool to keep businesses running smoothly.

Koei Tecmo’s decision should help the company thrive as it continues to work on games like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and its classic musou titles.

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