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Everything you can expect from Gamescom 2022

Gamescom 2022 is set to kick off in August. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming event.

lumi interactive kinder world

Lumi Interactive raises $10 million to bring Kinder World to life

Lumi Interactive has received a major $10 million investment from an 'oversubscribed' seed round led by a16z.

generozity charity june

GenerOZity aims to raise $50,000 for Cure Cancer in June

GenerOZity, one of Australia's leading gamer charity organisations, is aiming to raise money for Cure Cancer this June.

gamescom returns in person

Australia named official partner country for Gamescom 2022

For the first time ever, Australia is the official partner country of Gamescom 2022.

knuckle sandwich game australian-made games

The biggest Australian-made games coming in 2022-23

Get ready for a brilliant two years in Australian games development.

steam deck packaging

Valve is ramping up Steam Deck shipments from April

Valve is ramping up its Steam Deck shipments, with promises Q2 reservations are currently being filled.

wwe 2k22 rhea ripley

WWE 2K22 is a great showcase for Australian wrestling

WWE wrestler Rhea Ripley joins GamesHub to talk about the legacy of Australian wrestlers and WWE 2K22.

final fantasy xiv

Final Fantasy XIV launches wildly popular Oceanian servers

Final Fantasy XIV launched its Oceanian servers on Tuesday. Since then, the Home World Transfer Service has been buggy.

nintendo switch cloud gaming australia
Opinions & Analysis

Why Australia doesn't get Nintendo Switch cloud games

Kingdom Hearts has been dated for Switch, but Australian fans will likely miss out.

path of exile game

Australia's game development incentives are tempting New Zealand studios

A new NZGDA survey has revealed Australian tax incentives and border closures are impacting jobs in the New Zealand games…

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