New, lighter PS5 models launch in Australia

The brand new PS5 'CFI-1200' model has seemingly arrived first in Australia.
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Brand new Digital and Disc PS5 models designed to be much lighter than their predecessors have officially launched in Australia, per Press Start. The CFI-1200 series models were revealed by Japanese retailers in late August, with a launch date of 15 September 2022. According to Press Start, these are already available in Australia – with the website identifying several recent buyers of the CFI-1202B (Digital) and CFI-1202A (Disc) models.

Spec sheets of the new CFI-1200 series have revealed the only major differences with these models, compared to their 2021 counterparts, is weight. The Digital PS5 is now 200 grams lighter, at 3.4 kilograms, and the Disc PS5 is now 300 grams lighter, at 3.9 kilograms.

That means the Disc PS5 is now officially the same weight as the launch version of the Digital PS5. Sony has managed to remove around 600 total grams of weight over the last two years. It’s unclear what has been changed to make this leap, but it’s likely the company was able to achieve better results by changing out select internal components and materials.

Unfortunately, this does come at a cost for those in most regions around the world. Recently, Sony announced that the PS5 will be getting a major price increase of around AUD $50, to contend with major manufacturing costs, global shipping issues, and the economic downturn.

That increase is now in effect, and it applies to all new models sold.

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It’s expected that the CFI-1200 model series will land in Japan on 15 September 2022, and these will likely arrive in other regions around the same time. It’s unclear why Australia was the first region to gain access to these improved models – although as Press Start notes, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

If you’re still looking to purchase a PlayStation 5, it’s very likely you’ll need to take what you can get – given supply is still a major issue – but if you’re looking to nab the latest model, check for the CFI-1202B (Digital) or CFI-1202A (Disc) model codes at the back of the box. As of writing, it appears EB Games, Harvey Norman, and JB Hi-Fi have access to these new models.

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