Troy Baker and Anjali Bhimani to perform at SXSW Sydney

The actors will be joined by Australian musician Montaigne to perform songs from Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.
Stray Gods Apollo Troy Baker

SXSW Sydney has announced that actors Troy Baker and Anjali Bhimani will be performing at the 2023 event, as part of the Games Festival Opening Night. Baker and Bhimani will be joined by Australian musician Montaigne, with the trio performing songs from Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

Baker and Bhimani play Apollo and Medusa in Stray Gods, respectively. Baker is, of course, well known for a variety of video game roles including Joel in The Last of Us and Samuel Drake in Uncharted, among countless others. Bhimani is likely best known for playing Symmetra in Overwatch and Rampart in Apex Legends, with additional roles in Starfield and several television roles, including Marvel’s Ms. Marvel.

Stray Gods has been enjoying quite a bit of time in the sun lately, with several appearances at concert events like Melbourne’s Indie Symphony, Melbourne International Games Weeks’ Big Games Night Out, and now SXSW Sydney’s Games Festival Opening Night. To have the game’s international talent present in Sydney for the performance is a bit of a boon, too.

SXSW Sydney has confirmed that Troy Baker and Anjali Bhimani will also be participating in other events across the conference and games festival, though these details have seemingly not yet been finalised.

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