Orchestra Victoria to host Indie Symphony game celebration

Orchestra Victoria is hosting a major celebration of independently-developed games and their music in September 2023.
orchestra victoria indie symphony

Orchestra Victoria has announced a special one-off Indie Symphony show designed to celebrate the music of independently-developed video games from Australia, and around the world. The musical showcase will feature live performances (instrumentals and vocals) paired with gameplay, visuals, and special lighting design.

Each track has been selected from an array of award-winning games with music curated and composed by Australians. The central work of the night’s show will be the Christopher Larkin-composed Hollow Knight soundtrack, but there’ll also be plenty of other songs performed, from games including Celeste, Necrobarista, Journey, Hades, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and the upcoming musical-RPG, Stray Gods.

‘These soundtracks have transcended gaming, inspiring millions with their captivating melodies, and this is an opportunity to connect with them in a unique experience,’ Orchestra Victoria said in a press release.

‘Each of the showcased games are a testament to the incredible talent of Australian game developers, composers, musicians, orchestrators, and fans. Indie Symphony proudly champions the creativity and diversity found in the games and music industries.’

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Indie Symphony is a collaboration between Orchestra Victoria and VicScreen, and is designed to highlight the talent of Australian game developers and composers, who contribute to the worldwide games industry. It’s expected to highlight this work, with particular care in representing the works of women and gender-diverse creatives.

‘Our local digital games sector is internationally renowned for producing some of the most creative and hottest games on the market,’ Caroline Pitcher, VicScreen CEO said of the event. ‘VicScreen is delighted to partner with Orchestra Victoria and local developers to deliver this mind blowing and immersive experience, showcasing extraordinary digital games soundtracks through the mastery of over 60 musicians.’

The Indie Symphony showcase will take place on Friday, 8 September 2023 at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, Australia. Tickets are now on sale via the Arts Centre Melbourne website, with prices starting from AU $49.

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