Aussie talent celebrated in Future Class of The Game Awards 2022

Local Australian games industry talent has been recognised in The Game Awards' Future Class.
the game awards 2023 future class

Every year, The Game Awards celebrate 50 bright faces of the games industry, who represent a more inclusive, brighter future for everyone. The Future Class list is a celebration of their achievements, their work so far, and how they’ve overcome adversity in a complex world.

This year a range of developers, writers, studio founders, and content creators have been highlighted in the Future Class – with familiar Australian faces finding a place among these emerging stars.

Maize Wallin, known for their audio work on Ghost Pattern’s Wayward Strand and for co-founding Australia’s first national games union, Game Workers Australia, has been included alongside an impressive array of fellow talents.

Wallin has had a big year, helping to launch a major video game, speaking at PAX Aus, and continuing the establishment of GWA, which aims to fight for the working rights of local Australian game developers.

They’re joined by Chantal Ryan, founder of We Have Always Lived In The Forest, and the Women Leaders In Games network.

Ryan has become a pioneer in experimental games, shocking audiences at PAX Aus with the excellent and stressful darkwebSTREAMER.

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These achievements are certainly worthy of being celebrated, and we congratulate Wallin and Ryan for their well-earned place in the Future Class of The Game Awards 2022.

The full list of the Future Class of The Game Awards 2022 continues below. You can also visit the Future Class hub to discover more about these talented individuals.

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The Game Awards 2022: Future Class list

  • Abby Sherlock
  • Alex Dunn
  • Alyssa Askew
  • Anna C. Webster
  • Annie Grudeva
  • Ashley Poprik
  • Audrey Leprince
  • Camila Gormaz
  • Camille Ramseur
  • Chantal Ryan
  • Chloe Sinclair
  • Chris Kindred
  • Dora Klindžić
  • Dr. JC Lau
  • Emily Pitcher
  • Fawzi Mesmar
  • Florence Smith Nicholls
  • Harris Foster
  • Indrani Ganguly
  • Iris Zhang
  • Ivan Phelan
  • Jade Leamcharaskul
  • Jay Justice
  • Jes Negrón
  • Jessica Cheng
  • Jessica E. Tompkins
  • Joshi Zhang
  • Leela Collins
  • Leon Y. Xiao
  • Maah Lopez
  • Maize Wallin
  • Malek Teffaha
  • Mary Kenney
  • Masao Kobayashi
  • Mashfiq Ahmed
  • May Wong
  • Michael Reynolds
  • Mik Minier
  • Nick Kaman
  • Noelle Mazurek
  • Paula Angela Escuadra
  • Rejon Taylor-Foster
  • Sham Albour
  • Sol Sánchez
  • Sophie Azlan
  • Stacey Jenkins
  • Steph McStea
  • Vijay Gill
  • Younès Rabii
  • ZW Buckley

The Game Awards 2022 takes place on 8-9 December 2022.

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