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New Gotham Knights trailer spotlights Tim Drake as Robin

A new Gotham Knights trailer introduces keen players to Tim Drake, also known as the third Robin.
tim drake robin gotham knights

A new, neon-infused trailer for Gotham Knights has finally given Robin, aka Tim Drake, a much-needed spotlight. While Red Hood and Nightwing have already had their time in the sun, this trailer give a bit more insight into how Robin will fight in the game, and what exactly his story is this time around.

‘Gotham City likes to keep you guessing,’ Drake says in the opening monologue. ‘It’s hard to imagine a Robin without a Batman, but I guess it’s up to me to figure that out – you’ve got this Robin.’

It appears this version of Tim Drake will stick fairly close to his comic roots, with the slim dialogue illuminating more about the awkward, tech-savvy teen who becomes the third Robin in Batman canon.

While his past appearances in the Arkham series were fairly unrecognisable – he was depicted as a personality-less brute, to be blunt – Gotham Knights appears to be course-correcting with a character model and dialogue that feels more in line with Drake’s comic self.

Robin will fight with an extendable bo staff and explosive slingshot, and will also have magical teleportation abilities which appear to function as mini ‘blinks’ through the air. While Drake has never previously been able to teleport, the flashy ability looks extremely handy, and will help players chain attacks over short distances.

It appears he’ll also have access to some kind of hologram ability – an image of Nightwing appears to distract enemies in the combat trailer.

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Also on show in this trailer is a range of new outfits for Robin – including a fancy green armour that appears to be inspired by Assassin’s Creed. As with other characters in the game, Robin will have a number of costume variants that can be earned through play, and by collecting upgrades.

While we’ve yet to see a showcase for Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, the cast of Gotham Knights is already shaping up to be very formidable, with a range of special abilities set to spice up gameplay and keep the action feeling fluid and frantic whether you choose to play solo or with friends.

Gotham Knights is set to launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC on 25 October 2022. Stay tuned for that long-awaited Batgirl showcase.

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