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Everything announced at Devolver Direct 2022

Devolver Direct 2022 was exactly as strange as we all expected. Here's everything announced during the show.
Cult of the Lamb review devolver-digital

Devolver Digital isn’t like other game companies – it’s a cool game company. That’s why it prefers to hold strange and irreverent conferences like Devolver Direct 2022 around E3 time – shows that don’t take the wider games industry too seriously. This year’s presentation was no exception – although, as in year’s passed, there were some game announcements sprinkled throughout the mostly-comedic show to keep everyone awake and happy.

Here’s every major game announcement from Devolver Direct 2022. To stay up to date with everything from Summer Game Fest, head here.

This article has been updated since is original publication.

Devolver Direct 2022 started with plenty of madness

As expected, Devolver Direct 2022 started with a hammy takedown of everything we’d just seen at Summer Game Fest, complete with profanity and screaming – as well as criticism of the classic video game ‘countdown’ to special announcements.

A massive robot housing developer Goichi Suda, aka Suda51, who called viewers ‘nerds’, also put in an appearance. He spent the next little bit counting down, building excitement for Devolver’s showcase – or just annoying viewers, depending on which side of the fence you stand.

This led into the meat of Devolver’s presentation.

The first trailer was for cutesy cult sim, Cult of the Lamb

The first trailer of Devolver Direct 2022 was for Cult of the Lamb, a cutesy adventure game – developed in Australia – starring a lamb creating its own cult of woodland creatures in a cosy homestead that’s anything but. Beneath the surface of this adorable game is a dark secret – bodies are being buried, and demons hide in the woods.

It’s coming 11 August 2022 to every major console, with a demo now available.

Anger Foot is a door-cracking, bug-smashing romp

The next trailer kicked off with frantic door-kicking, bug smashing action as a sneaker-wearing protagonist runs through hostile neon environments, where enemies are constantly shooting and looting.

It’s a weird little game called Anger Foot, which seems to feature foot driving.


This was followed by a fancy look at Card Shark, the recently released ‘sleight of hand’ simulator set in the noble Victorian era. It’s available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC now.

A major send-up of algorithm-based decisions followed, including criticism of streaming services, and how marketing is used to create empty hype cycles.

The Plucky Squire is a cute adventure game inspired by storybooks

The next game trailer kicked off with a calming journey through a child’s bedroom – and gameplay that appeared to take place on the pages of an adventure book. Boss battles, arrow-shooting and exploration activities were shown off – and then, the book’s protagonist jumped off the pages and began to explore the ‘real’ world.

It appears to be a very cutesy adventure – although there wasn’t much more to show off here.

The Plucky Squire is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch – and it’s likely to get a bigger showcase in future. It’s developed by All Possible Futures, who are actually based in Queensland, Australia.

The reveal of this game led to a ‘singularity’ that caused every game to crossover with each other. One of the Devolver folks ended up in a Tom Clancy’s Animal Crossing shirt, which was a nice little gag.

Skate Story is a demonic skateboarding simulator

The next game was by developer Sam Eng, with music by Blood Cultures. It’s a strange skating simulator where the main character is made of crystal shards, and travels through a flashy neon landscape.

The game’s protagonist is actually a demon made of glass and pain, according to the game’s trailer – and what you’re doing is skating through the underworld. It’s an intriguing concept, and certainly one that pops on screen.

Skate Story does not have a release date yet.

The Devolver mech went rogue after this, due to the gathering hype of each game trailer – causing the Direct showcase team to phase out of existence, and the world to… end? A single loot box coin was the only thing that remained – not even video games survived.

Luckily, Suda51 was able to wish them all back to life, with reality restored by the end of the wild 2022 Devolver Direct.

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